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I am attaching an image of an unfinished current logo that I would like redesigned to convey social activity and TheSocialSquare.com being the hub of that activity (like the town square). That being said, i am not wedded to that logo, so if you have a better or different idea, I'd love to see it! I like chirping birds in trees because to me it conveys social behaviors and chattiness, but definitely open to other interpretations of this!

Colors used should be dark purple, dark blue and pale to medium greys. I like gradients because I think it makes it more interesting and appealing to the eye. See the attached image for an idea of the colors but feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

This website will be geared towards adults in their late 20's to their 50's who are looking to cross items off their "bucket lists". These will be web savvy, well traveled and educated people who like to engage in more impressive and dramatic activities, they want to push the envelope a little bit. The site will be "invitation only" so I want the logo to express that exclusivity while also being accessible. It can be fun but not kitschy or childlike.

I use the slogan "Social Networking for the Offline World" to describe the site so if you can incorporate that, great, if not, that;s fine too. In addition, I often abbreviate the site name as TSS.com.

If you have any experience with designing QR codes, message me, I'd be interested in seeing something like that and I'd pay more for the right design/functionality.
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Thursday, May 19, 2011
Target Market(s)
Single, for the most part, 20's to 50's, athletic, social, web savvy, well traveled.
Look and Feel
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Must Have:
- Convey a sense of social networking, activities, and that TSS is a hub to find these things.

Should Not Have:
- anything desolate (leave-less trees) or monochrome or too dark
File 1: tss logo current monday, 09 may 2011 17:04:421

Comments and Questions
Bad idea the birds. used over and over again with Twitter. You could get sued.
By et on Tuesday, May 10, 2011 | Reply
Thx, I''m not looking for a twitter-type bird to be my logo, I am looking for birds to symbolize socializing and "chatter".  the birds are just one part of the design aesthetic, it will not be the same look and feel as the twitter logo so I am not worried about them suing me.  
By Project Owner on Tuesday, May 10, 2011 | Reply
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