Poster Design Job: class election poster

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< $100
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Job Type
Poster Design
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Task Outline
  • Create a Poster Design
Task Description
I'm looking for a design for hight school class Representative poster I am running for secretary. I would like it represent me in a personal way . my personality is outgoing , smart , funny and spunky
Deadline for Quote Submissions
Saturday, April 30, 2011
Target Market(s)
hight school freshman
Look and Feel
Each slider illustrates characteristics of the customer's brand and the style your design should communicate.

Must Have:
- should have a one of these slogans or something like it
Bob. Born to lead.
Gotta Lotta Student Council. Get Bob.
Just do it. Vote for Bob.
Straight talk from Bob.
Make someone happy. Vote Bob.
Get fresh ideas from a freshman: Bob.
Bob: Because you’re worth it.
Two, four, six, eight! Vote for Bob, don’t be late.
Make your vote for treasurer count. Vote for Bob.
Bob stands for Excellence.
We want you! Vote for Bob.
He’s not popular and he’s not handsome, so he has time for student government: Bob.
For success, choose the best. Vote Bob.
A vote for Bob is a vote for the better.
Show me the money! Bob for treasurer.
Improve your school: pick Bob for President
A vote for Bob is a vote for you!
Let me serve you. Vote Bob.
Making the world better since 1990. Bob
The president kids go for.
Bob does a student body good.
Open your mind. Improve your school.
No nonsense with Bob.
Always Bob.
Thank Bob it’s Friday.
Everyone says, Bob for Prez.
Vote for fresh blood on student council: Vote Bob.
World’s best student body president.
Because life is too short to have bad student government.
I’m not your father’s president.
Count on someone who can count. Bob for treasurer.
The right government at the right time.
You can count on Bob.
You’ve never had it this good!
Get energy. Get Bob.
You always have time for government.
A vote works wonders. Vote for Bob.
Choose Bob, Get Action.
Vote Bob for Change.
Got Bob?
Change your underwear, change your school.
Bob – the coolest action.
Vote better – Vote Bob!
Improve your school with Bob.
Don’t rock the boat. Vote for incumbent Bob.
Bob for reform. Bob for action.
I give good government.
Choose Bob for change.
Bob: He’s great!

Should Not Have:
- vulgar, inappropriate, and mud sling

Expected Quote Range
< $100
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