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This customer received 43 business card designs from 14 designers. They chose this business card design from Priyo Subarkah as the winning design.

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Business Card Design
Task Outline
  • Create a Business Card Design
Task Description
I need a Contemporary design that suits my company

Information to be displayed on cards?
See attached card file - also be sure to use colors from the uploaded corporate logo.

For Brian Adams:

Only include:
Tel: 604.304.4313 x 101
Cell: 604.561.5055

Sunday, March 20, 2011
Target Market(s)
SMB and large enterprise clients looking for technology services
Must Have:
- Simple and elegant

File 1: itpeople orig 03 saturday, 05 march 2011 21:35:086
File 2: itp logo design 121110 saturday, 05 march 2011 01:47:221
File 3: d itpeople orig cs5 saturday, 05 march 2011 21:35:087
File 4: new itp logo saturday, 05 march 2011 01:47:222
File 5: 3342_141193_5863_vector sunday, 06 march 2011 22:17:458
File 6: itpeople orig 03 saturday, 05 march 2011 21:35:085
File 7: itp logo orang blue background saturday, 05 march 2011 01:47:223
File 8: itpeople_cards brian edits remove yellow saturday, 05 march 2011 07:59:084

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