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Task Description
We are a leader in developing products for the horse race handicapping market. We are looking for icons needed for a new graphic oriented project we have designed. We need icon designs for five navigation buttons, a settings and a help button, a product logo, and 33 “signals”, which are used in the product to highlight various angles for each horse.

The logo and the five navigation icons can be more complex, but the other icons should be simple, playful icons. We’ve put together some possibilities for icons, but would be open to suggestions that may better represent the ideas. (Exceptions are the following signals: 10. Top Power, 24. Troubled Last Race, and 32. Trouble-prone horse. These icons tie in with the rest of our product line.)

In the icon descriptions, bubble refers to the type of bubble found in an infograph where the size and shape are based on data.

All should be flat icons/pictograms in a png file.

The red, blue, yellow and green colors referred to are the standard colors, #FF0000, #0000FF, #FFFF00, and #008000.

Just a few hints:
- no shadows
- no gradients/no glossy effects
- plain, simple forms


Product Logo: 600 x 600 pixels (Resolution: 300 dpi to allow us to resize and retain quality.)
5 Navigation Icons: 80 x 80 pixels
Settings, Help Icons: 20 x 20 pixels
33 Signals Icons: 30 x 30 pixels

Product Logo 600 x 600 pixels (300 dpi to allow us to resize and retain quality)
a. Jockey Riding Racehorse Silhouette out of a Bubble Graph, or
b. Jockey Riding Racehorse Silhoueete out of a computer screen with a graph, or
c. Jockey Riding Racehorse Silhouette out of a Line Graph

Navigation Icons 80 x 80 pixels

1. BubbleCapper (page has three Bubble Graphs, showing bubble representing each horses running style and projected position at different parts of the race.)
a. Large Green, Medium Yellow, Medium Red, Small Blue Bubbles
2. Signals (page has a grid filled with “signals” icons for each horse)
a. Traffic Light
3. Speed/Class Graphs (page has line graph representing speed and class ratings)
a. Line Chart with a Green Upward Trending Line and a Blue Downward Trending Line
4. Player Pie (page has pie charts for trainer, jockey, sire, and dam)
a. Pie Chart with Red, Blue, Yellow and Green Pieces (in that color order from top right in clockwise direction)
5. Notes (page lets user type in notes for reference)
a. Yellow Notepad with Blue Pen

Settings, Help Icons 20 x 20 pixels

1. Settings
a. Blue Settings Cog in White Circle, or
a. White Settings Cog in Blue Circle
2. Help
a. White Question Mark in Blue Circle, or
b. Blue Question Mark in White Circle

Green Signal Icons 30 x 30 pixels

1. Positive Form – Horse appears in positive condition
a. Simple Green Up Arrow
2. Lone Front-runner – Horse is the only Front-runner in the race
a. Green Lightning Bolt with Checkmark, or
b. Green Lightning Bolt
3. Positive Trainer - Trainer has a high winning percentage at this distance/surface
a. Man in a cap next to a Horse Head, Green Background
4. Positive Jockey - Jockey has a high winning percentage at this distance/surface
a. Man wearing jockey silks with Green Background, or
b. Green Jockey Silks
5. Top BubbleCapper Horse – Horse has the highest projected speed figure in the BubbleCapper
a. Green Bubble
6. Top Trainer Pie – Trainer has the highest percentage in the Player Pie
a. Green Pie Chart Behind Positive Trainer Icon
7.Top Jockey Pie – Jockey has the highest percentage in the Player Pie
a. Green Pie Chart Behind Positive Jockey Icon
8. Top Sire Pie – Sire has the highest percentage in the Player Pie
a. Green Pie Chart Behind Male Symbol
9. Top Dam Pie – Dam has the highest percentage in the Player Pie
a. Green Pie Chart Behind Female Symbol
10. Top Power – Horse has the highest TrackMaster Power Rating
a. Green Thumbs Up
11. Four Star – Horse is rated on Top for Power, Class, Speed and Pace Ratings
a. Green Star
b. Four Green Stars
12. Long Shot – Horse has positive long shot angles
a. Green Dollar Sign
13. Blue Chip – Betting on this horse produces consistent profits
a. Green Poker Chip with Blue Accents, or
b. Blue Poker Chip with Heavy Green Accents
14. Pawn – Jockey and Trainer are a strong combination
a. Green Pawn Piece
15. Partner – Trainer and Horse, or Jockey and Horse have a strong relationship
a. Green Handshake
16. Bomber – Horse shows a good return on investment by winning at a price in the past
a. Green Bomb
17. Good Workout – Horse has a recent five furlong top morning workout
a. Green Stopwatch, or
b. Green Stopwatch with Checkmark
18. Horse For Course – Horse has had success at today’s track on today’s surface
a. Green Racetrack Oval
19. Grass Pedigree – Horse is first or second time on turf and sire’s offspring have a high winning percentage on the grass
a. Green Grass

Yellow Signal Icons 30 x 30 pixels

20. Front-runner – Horse is on or near the lead in the early stages of the race
a. Yellow Lightning Bolt
21. Stalker – Horse is expected to be a few lengths off of the lead in the early stages of the race
a. Yellow Fox, or
b. Yellow Fox Head
22. Trailer – Horse is expected to be in the back of the pack in the early stages of the race
a. Yellow Caboose
23. Unknown – Horse’s running style is unknown
a. Yellow Background with Question Mark
b. Yellow Question Mark
24. Troubled Last Race – Horse had trouble in his last race and is not usually trouble-prone.
a. Yellow Triangle
25. First Time Starter – Horse is making first lifetime start
a. Yellow Toddler, or
b. Yellow Baby
26. Foreign Horse – Horse has raced mainly outside of North America in his most recent races
a. Yellow North America with Light Red Circle with Slash Thru
27. Equipment Change – Horse is putting blinkers on today or taking blinkers off today
a. Horse Head with Blinkers
28. Long Layoff – Horse has raced in over 60 days
a. Yellow Calendar, or
b. Yellow Background with Umbrella and Waves

Red Signal Icons 30 x 30 pixels

29. Poor Form – Horse does not appear to be in top condition
a. Simple Red Down Arrow
30. Low Win Percent Trainer – Trainer has a low winning percentage at this distance/surface
a. Man in a cap next to a Horse Head, Red Background (same icon as 3. Positive Trainer, except in Red)
31. Low Win Percent Jockey – Jockey has a low winning percentage at this distance/surface
a. Jockey, Red Background (same icon as 4. Positive Jockey, except in Red), or
b. Red Jockey Silks (same icon as 4. Positive Jockey, except in Red)
32. Troble-prone Horse – Horse has had trouble in many races
a. Simple Red Triangle (same icon as 24. Troubled Last Race, except in Red)
33. Bridesmaid – Horse likes to run second and third
a. Red Bouquet of Flowers
Thursday, January 24, 2013
  • Project Deadline Extended
    Reason: Adding time to accept more submissions and allow for updated submissions based on initial feedback. Thanks!
    Added Friday, January 11, 2013
  • Project Deadline Extended
    Reason: Final extension for last changes from initial submissions
    Added Friday, January 18, 2013
Target Market(s)
Casual and Advanced Horse Race Fans
Look and Feel
Each slider illustrates characteristics of the customer's brand and the style your design should communicate.

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