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We need 5 email templates for our email marketing campaign. We are an Insurance Agency in Los Angeles called GNW-Evergreen Insurance Services. We use Exact Target as our email marketing platform. The templates need to be simple, a nice header, not to busy and you will need to use our color palette. The first email template we need is for our current clients / prospects. The content we will put in this email will be insurance tips and information, short and simple about 2 small paragraphs. The next 3 templates all need to be the same but different colors. One red, one yellow and one green. These will be alerts from gnw-evergreen. An example a major earthquake hits we will send a red alert. A legislative change on healthcare and we send a yellow alert. We buy another location and we send a green alert. The last email is for our COINs (Centers of Influence, the people who refer business to us). I uploaded an email from one of our business consultants to give an idea of the size and sophistication we are looking for. I also uploaded our corporate brochure and color palette so you can learn more about our firm.

Sunday, February 13, 2011
Target Market(s)
Our target markets are commercial business 1mm plus in revenue, 500 employees, high net worth individuals. Our COINs are CPAs, CFOs, Business Managers
Look and Feel
Each slider illustrates characteristics of the customer's brand and the style your design should communicate.

Nice to Have:
- HTML Code is desired. You can also provide just an image file for the header and our email marketing program will do the coding for us.

Should Not Have:
- No cartoon looking graphics. Do not use old-style fonts like Times New Roman.
File 1: brochure thursday, 03 february 2011 05:47:471
File 2: disaster recovery tip #45 it''s getting cold outside. thursday, 03 february 2011 05:47:472
File 3: colors thursday, 03 february 2011 05:47:473

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