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We recently ran a workshop with a client and during that workshop we developed some typical profiles of their target audience using flip chart paper. We now want to turn the profiles into professionally designed A5 cards we can then print and give to the client, therefore we require the profile card layout template to be designed so that in the future we can insert the profile data and images in-house.

Attached are 3 files.
1. persona_sallysocial.jpg is one of profiles we want to convert
2. profilecards.png is an example of the type of design/layout we need to convert the flip chart data to.
3. our company logo

So the layout needs to provide space for
- the profile data specified in persona_sallysocial.jpg
- some additional space for a profile summary/overview not currently shown in persona_sallysocial.jpg but
- an image/photo of the profiled person
- a placeholder for the clients logo
- a placeholder for our company logo
- placeholders for appropriate images to compliment the profile

Happy to consider both portrait and landscape designs

Would be good but not essential if we could change colours of specific elements of the design to compliment the clients corporate colours. So for instance our current clients corporate colours are #b50700, #001739 & #000000

Sunday, January 9, 2011
Look and Feel
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File 1: persona_sallysocial sunday, 02 january 2011 04:10:431
File 2: profilecards sunday, 02 january 2011 04:10:442
File 3: successfactory sunday, 02 january 2011 04:10:443

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