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We are a newly established business looking for a logo design for our business. The business name is called;

"No Fuss Car Loans"

We are looking for a Logo design that is corporate looking but also fun, we are looking for a logo that we can put in our advertising, website etc. 2 colours would be preferred, blue/green purple/orange or you may have your own preference to what would suit.

The logo should incorporate a Car design, nothing standard, something maybe abstract, something maybe a characterture, maybe a hand drawn car. Not interested in any photo type logo's of cars. We want our logo to be a point of difference.

Our business is Car Loan brokers who provide Finance through 3rd party channels for consumers. The Car Loans finance might come from a Bank/Credit Union or a Non Bank Lender.

We will have our own software but not for 18 months.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

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