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I run the website The blog is now focused on technology for real estate (web apps, iphone apps, etc). The current logo does not reflect the tagline "Technology for real estate".

I would like a new logo that represents "technology for real estate".

What I need is a logo with the word "REbliss" and a pictorial on the left side of the word. I prefer it to be on the left side and not on top of the word REbliss. The pictorial will be used as the avatar for social media sites. I would like the graphic to represent Real Estate and Technology.

I would like it to be the same colors, mostly blue and green, as the current logo (view at

Note the "RE" are both capitalized in the word REbliss.

I have updated this overview - the logo can contain an image of an iPhone or smartphone.

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Sunday, December 26, 2010
  • Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the work on the designs.  I wanted to give a quick update of my favorite designs.

    #169658  I really like the house design in this one, and the Wi-Fi signal from the chimney
    #164646 I like the house in this one as well and how it incorporates a cell phone for technolgy
    #166265 and 166266 for the avatar.  I like the colors and the house.
    #165727 I like the house and Wi-Fi signal, I like how the house looks like a conversation cloud
    #164115 I like the house with the circuit

    Thanks again!

    Added Saturday, December 25, 2010
Must Have:
- the RE of REbliss must be capitalized, all of the other letters are lowercase.

Should Not Have:
- I do not want the logo to include an iPhone or smartphone.

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