Icon Design Job: Additional icons for "Bodega" user interface

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Icon Design
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  • Create a Icon Design
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Now that we have chosen a primary logo design, we must begin building the brand and focusing on user experience. For the next step, we need the follow icons created for the first phase of the project:

1.) Add Wine to Cellar
2.) Add Winery
3.) Actions (generic, changes per screen, but icon is 'actions')
4.) Alert (like the windows exclamation point)
5.) Alert Question (are you sure?)

Bodega is a conceptually simple app. Users add wines to their virtual "cellars". Wines are categories in four ways: in cellar, open, history, and "missing presumed drunk". Once a wine is in your cellar, when you want to drink it you "open" it in the application. This task prompts you for tasting notes, scores, etc. After it has been consumed, you can move it in to your "history". "Missing presumed drunk" is for those bottles that were in inventory but can't be located. For bottles that a user collects in quantity, it is possible to have a single bottle (say, Martinelli Pinot Noir, 2007), with some quantity in each category.

The product roadmap is more complicated, but in the first version of the application it is this simple personal collection management that we will master. Our customer base will be built off of ease-of-use and personalization, and that will drive future product enhancements and features.

The two most common tasks that users of the application will do are adding wine to their cellars, and/or adding wineries to a master list. "Add wine to cellar" is the most common task and is the left-most icon in the toolbar. Clicking this button open an apple details palette that allows users to fill in the necessary details. "Add winery" is similar, but slightly less frequent and requires much less information to complete (usually just a name). It is placed immediately to the right of the "add wine to cellar" icon.

(UI Mockup is attached).

"Actions" is most challenging. To reduce the number of options in the user interface, we have chosen to go with a context-sensitive "actions" item in the toolbar (like iTunes). For reference this is usually represented by a gear icon in apple apps. This is an icon-driven drop-down menu, but the options in that menu will change given the tasks the user is completing.

The "Alert" icon is used for pop-over modal dialogs to alert users of an error or irreversible action. This is commonly shown as an exclamation point.

The "Alert Question" icon is used for confirmation purposes. "are you sure you want to quit", or "are you sure you want to delete" icons are the most common examples, and it is usually shown as a question mark.
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010
Target Market(s)
Same as for logo design project.
Must Have:
- This will be for OS X v10.6 and higher. Source art must be 512x512 pixels. For technical reference, please refer to the Apple Human Interface Guidelines:


Icons chapter, "toolbar icons" section. I will handle the final conversion in to an "icns" file for the app, but I the source art must conform to these specifications.

File 1: primaryuimockup saturday, 11 december 2010 03:30:071

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