Flyer Design Job: Free dinner- A call to action flyer

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EcoWoolbed has come to Canada and is conducting a restaurant tour around southern ontario. We would like to attract customers in our target demographic to attend a free dinner via unnadressed admail in the post. These flyers go primarily to small cities across southern ontario, and we would like a response rate over .5 % and ideally around 1%.

We are:
-a natural products company
-able to improve health through sleep
-providing a dinner with 2 courses and a drink for free (so people see our presentation between the time they sit down and order and the time the food gets to the table.

-happen at pre scheduled times (not needed to be listed on the flyer)
-are in private rooms
-require a reservation to be phoned in by the customer or booked online (prompted by the call to action on the flyer)
Thursday, November 1, 2012
Target Market(s)
40 plus age , income 60k or more

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