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Print Design
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  • Create a Print Design
Task Description
We are a restaurant looking to design some fresh cool, trendy disposeable menu matts A3 landscape size to promote our mexican street food offering.

This would include Burritos and Tacos.

Apologies there has been a change to the direction of the graphics , font and image style required As such and as a show of goodwill I have uped the status to non-refundeable.

Menu stays the same

However we feel the design style of the revolutionaries is a bit of a done thing and is quite common.
To give us a bit of an edge we have decided to go for a style which is a bit more playful, please take reference and use the Dhengue Fever ‘Sleepwalking’ picture file for the graphics , colour scheme and image style we are looking for instead of the Revolutionist Che Guevarra style.Monty python files are also good reference

Swingers diner menu is still a cool whacky reference.

With that in mind, we are more going down the lines of the’Power of the Burritos ‘,in terms of its spiritual quality , its health benefits communicating this with imagery and in the playful , montage graphic style of the dhengue fever/ files

So playful images, montages here and there with cool querky captions could include, someone meditating with a lotus sprouting from his head while eating a Burrito , with a caption ‘ Burrito Enlightenment’. An office dude could be flying through the sky with tie flapping in the wind, while eating a Burrito , exclaiming I have just eaten a Burrito.
Another human with antlers could be metamorphosing into a fish with a caption ‘Burrito Metamorphosis’ .There could be a hulk type human who has just sprouted with his clothes ripping to accommodate his huge muscles exclaiming ‘ grrrrrrrr burritos’
There could be also abstract montages of beautiful plump tomatoes growing , or a fantastic longhorn bull eating healthy grass, a strong oak tree tree, a couple lovely plump happy pigsamongst some beutful oak trees
Some images indicating the metaphysical ‘power of the Burrito’, we could have also a couple of montages of interesting spiritual characters like i.e. krishnmurti, Gurdjieff possibly contemplating a burrito , or holding up a burrito.

So all in all the communication style and graphics & colour schemes are in the files ttached , main reference Dhengu fever. While the theme to be communicated of ‘Burrito Power’ is the health, nutrition, spiritual aspects of this product , while adding some playful wit with the captions and the type of montages used.

Please also try and incorporated the newly added logo,

Have Fun, this an exciting one, and there will be no more changes to the brief,

Monday, September 24, 2012
  • Project Deadline Extended
    Reason: Apologies brief has changed.
    Added Thursday, September 20, 2012
Target Market(s)
students of nearby unis and professionals on the go
Look and Feel
Each slider illustrates characteristics of the customer's brand and the style your design should communicate.

Must Have:
- A3 landscape size with the menu attached and incorporated in whichever way you feel is creative.

Nice to Have:
- montage pics in the style of dhengue fever album cover as indicated in the pic files, witty, playful images, and captions

File 1: angelsgypsieslogotype thursday, 20 september 2012 17:22:361
File 2: inspiritaionalpics thursday, 20 september 2012 20:14:042
File 3: picsyogis monday, 01 october 2012 20:09:364
File 4: lunchmenu burritos thursday, 20 september 2012 23:40:523

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