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We need a logo to use to support a charity bike ride of 1000 miles from Lands End in England to John O'Groats in Scotland (from one end of the UK to the other). The charity we are supporting is Niemann-Pick. Niemann Pick C is a very rare form of childhood dementia, with only circa 500 known cases worldwide. It manifests itself in much the same way as dementia, destroying neurons and leading to a slow, mental and physical decline. Sufferers will slowly lose the ability to walk, talk, eat, laugh and eventually be unable to recognise anybody.

There is no treatment or cure for this terrible life-limiting genetic disease.

The website of the UK charity is http://www.niemannpick.org.uk/

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Sunday, October 24, 2010
  • Thank you all for your submissions.  There have been some imaginative ways of building in DNA .  I have roadtested a few of the ideas and people often fail to see the DNA. I would be very interested to see some ideas with the NPDG logo, I have posted a file attachment of it.  Someone has suggested we try to create a play on MAMILs (middle aged men in lycra), we could perhaps use the sun from the NPDG logo and the MAMILs riding into the sunset?

    Best regards 
  • Thank you all for your ideas.We are currently looking seriously at a design which draws influence from the film "Men in Black".  I have added a mock up of how it might look in the brief as a file attachment.  Any ideas on how to improve this design and professionalise it would be very welcome.

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We are seeking corporate sponsorship so are seeking a logo that companies will be proud to be associated with. The logo would be used on t-shirts and promotional materials designed to attract attention and encourage donations.
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- Another idea is to use the current NPDG logo as a base and add an adaption that would be a brand extension for use specifically for the bike ride. The popularity of raod biking in the UK has lead to press reports about MAMILs (midddle aged men in lycra). It would be good to see some ideas incorporating that theme. Perhaps a humorous take on "Men in Black"? But other ideas are more than welcome.

File 1: slide1 thursday, 21 october 2010 19:25:462
File 2: nplogo - larger monday, 11 october 2010 18:28:051

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