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  • Create a Advertisement Design
Task Description
We have decided to extend our deadline and change the parameters of the project. You can create a design geared at the long-term care market (as the original post requested) OR you can create a design for the hospitality market promoting HD for hotels/motels.

Guidelines for Long-Term Care Ad-

Bulk TV & Internet provides DIRECTV for long-term care and assisted living properties the United States. Our strongest selling points are we can provider the property premium DIRECTV service at up to 70% less than cable. The property can customize their channel line-up and include a FREE community channel. They also don't need confusing set-top boxes in each residents' room.

We are looking for a full page ad for one of the long-term care market magazines we advertise in focusing on the quality HD programming DIRECTV can provide at an affordable price.

Designer MUST submit finalized file in as a collected (fonts & links) InDesign file (either version CS3 or as an INX file).

Please use these initial specs for the ad-

Full pg. trim — 8 1/8” x 10 1/2”
Full pg. bleed — 8 5/8” x 11”
Full pg. live area — 7 1/2” x 10”

Guidelines for Hotel/Motel Ad-

Hotels are Bulk TV's largest market. Many hotels are looking to upgrade to high definition programming in the next year. Until now, it has been a costly and complicated upgrade, however Bulk TV now has an affordable, reliable equipment solution.

The main message we want to deliver is Bulk TV has a reliable, affordable solution available. We can deliver DIRECTV's premium HD programming without the HD equipment cost.

We are looking for ONE main graphic that shows what we do. For example, a flat screen TV with a crisp image coming out of it. We would like a clever one line headline. We will fill in the remainder of the copy.

Attached are also two hospitality ads we have run previously. The same logo and legal statements are required for this ad.

Please use these initial specs for the ad-

Full pg. trim — 10 1/4" w x 13" h
Full pg. bleed — 10 ¾" w x 13 ½" h
Live area on bleed ads is ½ inch in from final trim sizes.
Friday, November 19, 2010
  • Project Deadline Extended
    Added Thursday, November 18, 2010
Target Market(s)
We're targeting the owners and administrators of long-term care and assisted living facilities throughout the US for the LTC ad. The hospitality ad will be targeted at hotel owners/operators/GMs and management companies throughout the US.
Look and Feel
Each slider illustrates characteristics of the customer's brand and the style your design should communicate.

Must Have:
- Ad must include both the Bulk TV and DIRECTV For Business logo as well as the legal statement below-
- *Availability of DIRECTV service may vary by location, and eligibility for local channels based on service address. *IN-ROOM CHOICE PROGRAMMING OFFER: Purchase of 18 consecutive months of the IN-ROOM CHOICE package and HD Access, plus additional programming services noted on the Commercial SMATV rate card, which will total $6.00 per month, per room or more. Local Channels, Distant Network Services and Jadeworld not eligible. In certain markets, programming/pricing may vary. INSTALLATION: Custom installation charges will apply. HD ACCESS: To access DIRECTV HD programming, an HD Access fee of $0.25 per month, per room and HD equipment are required. DIRECTV programming, pricing, terms and conditions subject to change at any time. Taxes not included. Receipt of DIRECTV programming subject to terms of the DIRECTV Commercial Lodging and Institutions SMATV Viewing Agreement; copy provided with new customer information packet. ©2010 DIRECTV, Inc. DIRECTV and the Cyclone Design logo, the DIRECTV for Business logo and IN-ROOM CHOICE are trademarks of DIRECTV, Inc. All other trademarks and service marks are the property of their respective owners.

Nice to Have:
- We would like to ad to have a more professional look to it. Attached are a couple of ads we've done in the past. I am looking for ONE MAIN eye-catching image. Please stick to our colors/branding- mostly reds and blues.

Should Not Have:
- Please do not use an image that had been used previously.
File 1: bulk tv 3d logo_on white_final friday, 01 october 2010 04:33:173
File 2: advance ltc mgmt_jan feb issue_ bulk tv friday, 01 october 2010 04:06:251
File 3: dtv4biz3d_logo_4 friday, 01 october 2010 04:17:122
File 4: bulk tv- july 15-hotel business thursday, 28 october 2010 01:08:195
File 5: hotel ad-september issue_hmm thursday, 28 october 2010 01:08:197
File 6: advanceltc_sept oct issue_bulk tv friday, 01 october 2010 05:02:004
File 7: hotel ad_fish_10.25x thursday, 28 october 2010 01:08:196

Comments and Questions
Illustrator file will not do?
By DesignRAJU on Friday, October 1, 2010 | Reply
Unfortunately no- my printer prefers IND and our department is most proficient in IND.
By Project Owner on Friday, October 1, 2010 | Reply
Thanks for the brief! Can i ask you what is the single minded proposition you want to communicate through this ad?

Beast regards
By DesignRAJU on Friday, October 1, 2010 | Reply
I want the focus to be that Bulk TV is the smart alternative to the cable company because we offer more options. The facility can customize their channel line-up, they don''t have to put an individual set-top box in each unit, and we can provide DIRECTV service for up to 70% less than cable. We also offer a free community channel and a digital HD overlay, which gives residents an option to upgrade to HD.
By Project Owner on Friday, October 1, 2010 | Reply
Will you be requiring the logos of channels in you advertisement, and if it is required could you upload a high resolution channel logos IND file. The images are outsourced from stock sites, so a temporary image is shown in the adv, later is it required to outsourced within the budget you have specified, or you have other stock images which you mite use, could you kindly clarify.
By Artikrafts on Monday, October 4, 2010 | Reply

This is Bret from the CM-i Studio. I was enquiring if you have had the opportunity to review my design submission #112193 yet?

If you require any amendments or have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

By WAkland on Monday, October 4, 2010 | Reply
I see the contest has been extended, so I am assuming you have not seen something yet that is satisfactory, so I was wondering if you can offer any feedback on the designs I have submitted to get them to where you need your ad to be? Are you looking for somethng along the same line as your previous ads (that is how I read it) or would you like something totally different?
If you can mssg me, I will do my best to produce an ad to give you positive results.
Thank you,
By JB on Friday, October 15, 2010 | Reply
Hi Julia,

I haven''t found what I am looking for quite yet. I''m sorry if there was any confusion, but we definitely do not want to use the same image of the elderly couple again. I would prefer something totally different for this ad. These concepts are boring. I understand that this is a hard industry to market to, however I am looking for one focus point, one eye-catching image. Keep in mind that while saving money is a main advantage to most facilities, some are more interested in our services as a way to increase the residents'' comfort and keep them entertained. 

Please let me know if you have any additional quesitons.

By Project Owner on Saturday, October 16, 2010 | Reply

I would just like to ask if you can provide us a feedback so we know what areas in our concept/design to improve?

Thank you very much!


By Nitsuj on Thursday, October 28, 2010 | Reply
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