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Icon Design
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  • Create a Icon Design
Task Description
A) Company / Product Name
Vaestro, LLC

B) What is your website address?

Should design inspiration be taken from this website?
Maybe colors. You can see our current logo and font there. We are open to a change in style.

C) What will the logo be used for? (company, product, etc)
Software product

D) Describe what your company or product does? What is your company's mission statement?
The functionality of the software is secret at this time. Our mission is to facilitate positive constructive dialogue.
The software will be used by bloggers and social network enthusiasts.

E) Describe your target audience: (gender, age, location, interests, etc)
Bloggers and social network enthusiasts.

F) Where will the logo be used? (storefront, business cards, website, letterhead, etc)
Apple App Store
iPhone home screen
Must meet apple iPhone application icon requirements:

We need copies at the following resolutions:
512x512 (rounded corners)
114x114 (rounded corners)
57x57 (rounded corners)
29x29 (rounded corners)- (MUST STILL WORK AT 29X29!)

H) What style logo are you looking for? (

Professional, clean, but with subtle stylish depth, gradient, texture
We will not use the apple "standard gloss". We do not like gloss effect.

I) Are there examples of companies whose logo style you like?

We want to go with a very simple professional look that communicates our company name: Vaestro
And that has either a large "V" as the main image in the logo or perhaps a custom image.

The Pandora icon below matches the basic look we are considering.

We need the word "Vaestro" in the app icon, as the name of the app will be a different word.

Please see these icon logos:




Amazon Kindle

J) What should your logo represent? What feelings should it invoke?
It is a fun, hip, cool, professional, software that bloggers will use to communicate.
Fast, stylish, polished...
The icon probably can't convey all of that, but if it conveyed feeling...that would be it.

K) What symbols, icons or items should the user create and integrate into your logo?
A large V
The word Vaestro (probably at the bottom similar to Pandora, but be creative and we may like it)
VAESTRO must be readable at 29x29 pixels!

We are also open to you making a custom V like symbole, perhaps with 3D effect instead of a simple V.

The only image I have played with MAYBE including would be an image of the Planet Earth.
Earth perhaps in background behind.
Earth perhaps as just a sliver of a horizon at the bottom of the icon.
We are not sure about the image of Earth, and may still go with simple clean without it. But you could try some variations with perhaps some NASA images of Earth in the logo.

M) How many colors should this logo be? Which colors? Any specific colors preferred?
Millions of colors are fine. See our website for indication of come of our color taste. Shades of Blue probably.
Blue, black, silver, grey, white, maybe a flash of red for contrast if it works.

N) Can the colors be shaded (gradients) or should they be solid (no overlap)?
YES, gradients are a must for a good icon.

O) What wording should be included in your logo? Please put it EXACTLY as you want it.
Large V
We are open to all upper case or mixed as in the current Vaestro logo.

Q) Do you have any preferred fonts?
We are rebranding, so we would consider a change in fonts. Current font is Septimus

R) Do you prefer a vector file? (i.e. PDF, EPS, Illustrator)? Which file format?
We prefer Adobe .psd versions with as many layers still available for tweaking on our end if needed.
Otherwise, a vector format adobe photoshop can open is fine (with or without layers available)
Thursday, September 23, 2010
  • iPhone icons are squares in the dimensions I describe in the brief.  Please make your submissions square icons with rounded corners.

    Please do not put "LLC" in the logo or word Vaestro.

  • Thanks for the submissions so far.  I just want to clarify something:

    This icon needs to have the word "Vaestro" or "VAESTRO" inside the icon with a large "V" or something.  If Vaestro is outside of the Icon, I cannot use it (unless it looks so awesome we decide to change plans.)

    Also, most iPhones put these icons on a black background or they have a background image of some sort.  So if your icon is black without any sort of border, it will not look good. 

    You should probably do somthing with the border of the icon and perhaps use a gradient color in the background.  Again, see the Padora icon for a sample of what I might go for.  Thanks!
  • Please use Septimus Font:

    You may only use this font for this contest for submissions to this contest.  If you wish to use it somewhere else, you need to purchase a license from the company that makes it.
  • Ok, let's try that link again.  Here it is.

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