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SolarNexus is a software company that offers a comprehensive web-based platform for solar installers to track their customers, build proposals, order equipment, and manage projects. By managing their businesses more efficiently, contractors can reduce their costs per installation and sell more solar systems in the same amount of time. Our tagline is "accelerating your solar business."

Our customers are blue-collar contractors that are smart but are often averse to major change. They seek ways to improve margins, but typically look for these in the hardware costs rather than business practices.

The SolarNexus platform:
•streamlines solar contractors' business operations
•increases productivity of their employees and partners
•enables a new level of collaboration eliminating fragmented communications and recordkeeping
•applies industry experience to mirror the tasks required to generate, deploy and manage a project.

The key experience elements that we want to portray to our customers are ease of use, knowledge (our product incorporates the know-how to effectively run a solar business), and power (as in the power to make their business more efficient via automation and reducing labor hours for comparable tasks). Using one of those cheesy marketing thought exercises: if the company were an animal, we'd liken it to a clydesdale.

Good luck!
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Friday, September 17, 2010
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Must Have:
- Must be something that can be printed, screened, and cleanly transposed to B&W. Final format must be high res (EPS or equivalent). The color palate for the logo should also be clearly defined and include a shade of orange equivalent to that in our current logo/website (see www.solarnexus.com).

Should Not Have:
- The use of the sun logo is largely overdone in our industry, so if you feel compelled to somehow use this in the logo, it will have to be particularly innovative. Otherwise - we're trying to steer clear of that.
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Hi there,
I have submitted some designs.Please take a look.
With thanks,
By emerzence on Tuesday, September 7, 2010 | Reply
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