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Real Estate Investment Solutions Group (REI-SG) is a new company and needs a logo. Our business model is to buy defaulted loans (non-performing loans) and get them back on track (re-performing) and then re-sell the loan for profit (similar to buying a run down house and rehabbing it to resell). It is our LAST choice to foreclose or evict residents. We do not engage in predatory practices merely to acquire real estate at the expense of others.

We see ourselves as part of the solution to the lingering housing financial crisis. We need investor funding to do this at large scale. We want the logo to appear strong and emote confidence to potential investors. Our tag line is "RePerforming America Through Smart Investment."

Once we have established a baseline business, we have a goal to start a charitable foundation to further enable veterans and other community heroes that are in default to stay in their homes by buying down the unpaid balance of their loans. Think of this as a privately funded version of the HARP program.

We want to use our company logo primarily for marketing material such as business cards, web-site logo, on email and hard copy letter head, embroidery etc. so having the tag line and or full wording would be media dependent.

We want two things. First, we want an original design concept that is in line with the above. We desire a patriotic theme with colors red, white, and blue. We would like the logo incorporate the shape of a house or otherwise visually incorporate a house theme or element. Combining this with an American flag motif would be highly desirable as well.

Second we would also like a cleaned up version of a concept we already developed.

The attached files show concept mock-ups of our own design that should be taken as high level direction. We like the flag with the blue house in place of the field of stars and REI-SG lettering in white. We feel it also needs a better font that goes with the worn look. We would like to see a version of this this cleaned up with colors adjusted and the dimensions of the house tweaked to improve visual appeal and readability of the letters. Would like to see if the the letters be made to match/form with the pitch of the roof to have more white fill the field of blue. We like the worn look since we are dealing with loans and homes that are a bit tattered in their own right.

We also want the flag logo to be able to stand alone without the supporting words so we can use as a smaller logo on hats, shirts etc.

Included in the word doc is a banner/logo example from a similar business (Inverse Investments) that is already successful with a similar business model.
Logo Text
Wednesday, March 19, 2014
File 1: rei-sg flag logo concept v2 monday, 17 march 2014 00:25:082
File 2: rei-sg flag logo concept monday, 17 march 2014 00:25:117
File 3: reisg logo concepts monday, 17 march 2014 00:25:128
File 4: rei-sg flag logo concept - with text monday, 17 march 2014 00:25:081
File 5: rei-sg logo concept v1 monday, 17 march 2014 00:25:104
File 6: rei-sg flag logo concept v3 monday, 17 march 2014 00:25:105
File 7: rei-sg flag logo concept v4 monday, 17 march 2014 00:25:106
File 8: reisg logo mock-up monday, 17 march 2014 00:25:093

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i am thinking i will win first place it's differnt logo for u dont miss
By sailavanya on Thursday, March 20, 2014 | Reply
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