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We are seeking a logo design for the brand new, and soon to be famous Dapto Pies.

Who are we and what are our plans?

We are a bakery that specialise in traditional Australian style meat pies. We are a retail and wholesale bakery. We will be offering a range of freshly baked traditional and gourmet pies. We will also be baking a range of sweet pies, flans and tarts. Quality fresh coffee will also be an important part of our retail business.

We are located in Dapto, New South Wale, Australia. Dapto is a growing suburb in the coastal city of Wollongong, approx. 1 hour south of Sydney. Our business in on a main highway with high exposure and high traffic. In the beginning we will be more focused on takeaway trade. Of a morning we will be targeting customers on their way to work looking for a fresh baked pie, a coffee and their morning newspaper. Lunch and evening trade also offering hot pie meals in both individual and family size eg. Pie floaters, Pie and Veg, Pie and Chips etc.

The Logo and Image we need!

We are looking for a logo that will be used for both our retail and wholesale business. It will be on the building and roadside signage, as well as packaging, flyer's, business cards, web page, the lot.

We need a logo that will work well for both the retail and wholesale aspects of the business. We need a logo that will carry on as the business grows and changes, for example a logo that will still work as the retail business evolves from takeaway bakery into bakery cafe.

For the logo we are thinking along the lines of a warm friendly country bakery. Simple vintage style fonts with 2 or 3 warm earthy colours. We have been looking at vintage and antique food packaging and posters for inspiration, If that helps. The colours and fonts need to work well on the roadside and building as well as being able to be eyecatching on pie bags. The logo needs to be easy to read and visible from a distance. We are looking for a clean, simple design.

Words that come to mind when we think of the image we are looking for would be, Fresh baked, hand made, traditional, warn, friendly and local.

The business name is Dapto Pies, we do not have a slogan but we are open to suggestions.

Hopefully that is enough to go on. If anyone has any questions or would like more information just ask.

Thank you and good luck!
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Dapto Pies Tagline: History in the Baking
Wednesday, May 16, 2012
  • We would like to see some designs incorporating the tagline  - History in the Baking
    Added Friday, May 11, 2012
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