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Hello, I'm looking for a logo for my business. I teach yoga. My passion is bringing yoga to those who would likely not usually be drawn to a mainstream yoga studio. I teach regular yoga classes but also specialize in yoga for those on a cancer journey, as well Yoga for Golfers TM. The yoga for golfers is a specific training related to the biomechanics of the golf swing. The cancer training is specific to the cancer population and the yoga therapy area as well. The logo needs to work for both of those areas as well as to just teaching regular yoga - sort of an umbrella style logo that can encompass all my areas. It does not need to speak to either of my specialties specifically. The yoga for golfers does actually have it's own TM logo already too. My company name is:

The Yoga Effect

(with a company statement as well that is):

Renewing both body and mind for a better you

I don't know if this should be incorporated into the logo or not (sorry I'm not sure how it works) I am open to a creative logo from someone thinking outside the box. I want it to be unique and draw attention and feeling. I am also open to the actual image part being like a background silhouette or a feature in the fore ground. Very open to your creativity as long as it resonates and makes sense for my audience and nature of my work.
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The Yoga Effect
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Friday, June 25, 2010
  • The incoming designs are beautiful - thank you very much.  I would like to see some with my tagline

    Renewing both body and mind for a better you

    Perhaps in a spot where it could be cropped out for some uses and left in for some uses. 

    Thank you!
  • I love the designs that have come in so far.  The only thing I would add is that I'm hoping for something very unique - I would like the logo to avoid falling under the "typical" yoga business logos.  Having said that, there are several in this bunch that I really like, even though they are what you would expect to see in yoga - love the colors and ideas.  Just want to be WOW'D.  Keep creating!!!  Thank you.
  • Hello there!  Thank you all very much for all your lovely designs.  I appreciate all the creativity and ideas.  I'm marvelling at the fact that I'm receiving submissions from all over the world, very neat concept that I knew nothing about previously.  I'm grateful for all your work.  However, I'm pretty set on a few things, my original colors, simplicity and I'm realizing, thanks to some of your ideas, that I like a fairly strong, clean font.  Nothing too wispy or curly, I want it easy to read.

    The last few days I've tried to start eliminating those that don't really resonate with me, I will continue to try and narrow it down over the next few days. 

    Thanks again - take care.
  • I've had a designer submit a visual that showed me that something different could be done on a card, not just basic use of the logo, but in addition to the logo.  If you can show me something really neat, unique that would be great in helping me decide between the last handful of designers.  I have no real understanding of this so that really helped me see that I could use the logo in a different way.  Thank You!
  • .
  • To the handful of designers who are still working with me, I really appreciate your time and all your reworking.  I just wanted to say that as I have gone back and forth with some of you alot.  Thanks so much, I'm really excited about choosing something so important to me and you've all been great, so thanks very much!

  • There does not seem to be any further submissions coming in for the last day or two so I guess it's decision time!  Thank you all for your creative thought and I will try to make my decision by Friday. 

    Thanks so very much and take care!!

  • Thank you to everyone who took the time and effort to help me create my first business logo.  I received some amazing designs.  As you know it was a very hard decision for me, ultimately I chose the one I felt resonated a strong, clear, concise presence.  Thanks very much, this was an excellent experience for someone who's never used anything like this before. 
    Take care,
Target Market(s)
Unlike some yoga instructors who might be targeting yoga studios, I'm actually trying to target the world at large. Those who might not otherwise consider yoga or even feel they are capable. I wish to show them otherwise. I can teach yoga in any environment but I specialize in yoga for the cancer population and yoga specifically suited for the golfer. So my target is often folks 40-80 years of age and can be men or women. I don't necessarily wish to have something that just speaks to those familiar with yoga is what I'm trying to say -
Look and Feel
Each slider illustrates characteristics of the customer's brand and the style your design should communicate.

Must Have:
- Green is the color of growth so I'm interested in something with some green, but not too many colors. I also love brown. When ordering items with logo color I'm told it's best to stick to 2 colors or costs go up dramatically.

Nice to Have:
- Something that implies yoga/wellness/growth/compassion/functionality of the body etc.....just thoughts doesn't need to be all.

Should Not Have:
- I often teach people who've never done yoga so, (for example) someone who has never done yoga may not know what an OM symbol is (very known in the yoga community) so I likely wouldn't use that in my logo. I want something that everyone can relate to and be comfortable with.

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