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Dear designers,

I am searching for a designer who is able to design maps of cycling matches. Preferably, this person has affinity with cycling sport which makes it easier to understand the data from which the maps should be designed.

We collect the data/maps from the official websites of the organization. We would like to have this data/maps turned into route maps in our own style.

One example which was already done by ourselves is the Tour des Flandres.
We will provide you with the following data:

Attachment 1: MapProfile Tour des Flandres 2012
Attachment 2: Schedule Tour des Flandres 2012

This should be turned into the following maps with similar pixelformats:

Attachment 3: Racemap Flandres 2012.gif
Attachment 4: Belgium Overview map Tour des Flandres 2012.gif
Attachment 5: Profilemap Tour des Flandres 2012.gif
Attachment 6: Profilemap Finish Tour des Flandres 2012.gif

We would like to ask you to do design similar looking maps for La Flèche Wallonne 2012.

The data for this are:
Attachment 7: Flèche Wallonne map 2012.gif
Attachment 8: Flèche Wallonne Profile 2012.gif An example of the profile, but in different style
Attachment 9: Flèche Wallonne Schedule 2012

When we are satisfied, we might hire you for maps of other WorldTour races as well. We have some more small graphical projects for which we might want to hire you.

Looking forward to receive your designs!

Best regards,
Yoran Westhoff
Infostrada Sports Group
Deadline for Quote Submissions
Sunday, April 15, 2012
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File 1: mapprofile tour des flandres 2012 friday, 13 april 2012 09:16:385
File 2: flèche wallonne schedule2012 friday, 13 april 2012 09:15:322
File 3: belgium overview map tour des flandres 2012 friday, 13 april 2012 09:15:321
File 4: flèche wallonne map 2012 friday, 13 april 2012 09:15:323
File 5: profilemap finish tour des flandres 2012 friday, 13 april 2012 09:16:396
File 6: flèche wallonne profile 2012 friday, 13 april 2012 09:15:324
File 7: profilemap tour des flandres 2012 friday, 13 april 2012 09:16:397
File 8: schedule tour des flandres 2012 friday, 13 april 2012 09:17:129
File 9: racemap flandres 2012 friday, 13 april 2012 09:16:398

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