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  • Create a Logo Design
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We need a logo design for new company based in india with brand name All that Jazz. We have tied up with about 12 leading international brands like Reebok,levis,espirit,uspolo,puma and would be positioned as India's first Inetrnational fashion,lifestyle and sports multi-brand store. The store would be just like the hard-rock cafe of retailing and would target youth customers,and embed music with fashion and style. lot of props of various instruments would be used in the store and will be very upmarket,young and at the same time very vintage in look!!! the logo should capture the soul of the store, should appeal to the youth and still have the vintage charm.
Logo Text
All that Jazz
Friday, April 6, 2012
  • please see the attached ppt updated with the brief, the logo has to be such that own brand i.e all that jazz should be able to also sell as a brand with all the big brands......logo should look distinctive, have an identity, could be used on a tee or a denim or a watch, would also like u to see logo for Mtv Roadies India.(could just type in google).
    Would welcome question and also would want a description of the logo you make too!


    Added Saturday, March 24, 2012
Target Market(s)
youth, 16 to 25years, rebel,fashionable, pl look into attached images....we are catering to the Mtv generation !
File 1: 908a01ab9496d5b9bd30ff4e35c51c06_full saturday, 24 march 2012 17:30:403
File 2: levis vintage clothing saturday, 24 march 2012 17:59:426
File 3: images saturday, 24 march 2012 17:30:404
File 4: all that jazz saturday, 24 march 2012 17:01:251
File 5: mtv-roadies-9 saturday, 24 march 2012 17:30:392
File 6: topimg_19000_mtv_roadies_600x400 saturday, 24 march 2012 17:30:405

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