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Stationery Design
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  • Create a Stationery Design
Task Description
We are Ganador - a small training & consulting company in Australia.
We HAVE a logo, but want to tweak it (original eps files available).

We want to the following outputs:
Change our stylised 'G' and possibly the current colour scheme is blue & green - we think that does not work very well.

Once that is done, we need to translate that into a PPT master and a letterhead. (Examples of current provided.)

We need a banner (for our website) and a few treatments of the icons used in the design (explained below)

The design 'language ' we want to adopt is:
Conversation bubbles
Hand painting

The 'g' should be stylised as two conversation bubbles.
We want to use these bubbles - and several different ones - as a feature in PPT presentations and therefore need a PPT Master

We need the banner to reflect the above.

The banner will be used as a website header and also as a 'strip' across the bottom of the letterhead.

With the above we are trying to communicate:
Handwritten/ Involved/ Authentic
Passionate & Playful (but NOT cartoonish)
Smart/ Creative/Innovative

Friday, March 23, 2012
Target Market(s)
B2B (employees and managers)
Look and Feel
Each slider illustrates characteristics of the customer's brand and the style your design should communicate.

Should Not Have:
- We use blue and green at the moment. But willing to change that or use it differently. I don't want the design to be cartoons and not overly colourful - we still need a corporate feel.

File 1: final brief saturday, 24 march 2012 00:55:528
File 2: edgyblackgms2012 sunday, 18 march 2012 07:21:442
File 3: new logo specs sunday, 18 march 2012 07:22:587
File 4: businessgan sunday, 18 march 2012 07:22:585
File 5: doc4 sunday, 18 march 2012 07:21:441
File 6: gmslandscape_small sunday, 18 march 2012 07:22:586
File 7: g sunday, 18 march 2012 07:21:454
File 8: project3827 sunday, 18 march 2012 07:21:453

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