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This is for a free Online Admin-soccer tool application. This app will need 12 buttons. So this is a graphic design project.
Please proceed after reading the following :

I am looking for a dozen of somewhat unique web buttons (or web-app icons) in 2 sets of sizes in pixels :
1) 128x128
2) 64x64

These 12 nice web 2.0+ buttons should symbolize or represent the followings:

- Soccer Players
This is a button to manage player registrations within a league and/or a club. Managing male, female players of all ages. This button is to validate the current registration or to renew it for the season, among other things… etc.

- Clubs ( or team owners, team owners could be also be schools, institutions, organizations etc )
This is a button to manage Clubs, team owners, schools, or any organization that has teams involved in a competition defined within the app.

- Teams
A button to manage teams, their home fields, their jerseys, the players and their respective numbers, their training ground and hours, their staffs ( like coaches, assistants, medical personal, manager, their owner ( a club or else ) etc..)

- Referees
This is a button to manage referees, the officials of the matches, to validate referees’ registrations into the league, their history, their statuses and qualifications; a button to record referees availability, a button to assign refs to various time slots, and fields etc.

- Scheduler
A button to generate game schedules, this is to generate the time, the place and the opposing teams registered for games within a season or a competition already defined. This button provides the features to generate a calendar of games for a competition within a category or level.

- Games
This button is for entering and confirming the results of the games played, the stats, game attendance, etc.

- Coaches
This button is a similar button for the players or referees but specifically for coaches and assistant coaches. This button is to manage the coaches, assistant coaches, assigning coaches, track their history, levels of licenses and/ or certifications etc.

- Fields ( Turfs, Pitches, Stadiums or a gym if it is indoor soccer during winter )
This button as the name suggest, is to manage the locations where soccer games take place. Whether they are available certain dates or not for the season etc …

- Sponsors
This button is to manage the various registered sponsors of the league, the clubs or to the soccer sport. What they have committed to, when, How.. tracking of donations etc ..

- Finance
This button is the accounting button, to manage the finance behind it all. Once players, clubs, and teams have been registered, did they pay their dues if applicable ?

- Help
This is the HELP Button, for documentation & support on the application, its features, how to use it with the various sections etc.

- Control / Admin or Configuration Center
This is the button to access the back-end and to manage all the functionality of the web app in question. It gives access to the administration panel in order to define a competition, game format, the rules & regulations, the number of teams & Clubs involved, the different categories and levels of competition ( local, A, AA or AAA), to add new clubs, new teams, to add features and provide back-end access to other people, to add definitions, submit trouble tickets etc.

The 12 buttons for this web app should not be childish, I am looking for modern and good looking buttons. Web 3.0 styles (2.0++), with very few colors, maximum 3 or 4 different colors with possibly their variant tones or shades. The buttons could be simple and not too sophisticated. These buttons should simply convey the message of their respective function as briefly described above. I want these buttons to be somewhat unique or original. I have gone around and search the web a lot … but came up with nothing interesting. So here I am.

PS. The logo for the application and the website associated with this Admin-soccer application already exist. I will be uploading it just to show what it looks like. The buttons I am requesting here can be very different from the web site logo, because the online application is simply a part of the website's backend.

Thank you

Sunday, April 8, 2012
  • Project Deadline Extended
    Reason: I prefer designers to take their time and provide me with a quality end product. That is 12 buttons of 128x128 px & 64x64 px as described in my brief. And please no cartoonish or childish designs. Thank you Ls Donald
    Added Sunday, March 18, 2012
  • Project Deadline Extended
    Reason: only one submission made so far from one designer I will extend the deadline by 7 days, time for revisions and resubmissions.
    Added Wednesday, March 28, 2012
Target Market(s)
The world of amateur soccer in Canada ( bilingual in French & English ) so the buttons should speak for themselves, no letters or words on these buttons.
Look and Feel
Each slider illustrates characteristics of the customer's brand and the style your design should communicate.

Should Not Have:
- no cartoonish figures !
File 1: soccersitelogo wednesday, 14 march 2012 23:54:271

Comments and Questions
I have checked your requirements and ready to start right now. It can be done perfectly...
Send me a message to start working with you, Waiting for reply..

By roopaljain on Thursday, March 15, 2012 | Reply
My quote rqst was changed to a contest ... You can participate in the contest .... if you want ! ..
By Project Owner on Wednesday, March 21, 2012 | Reply
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