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we are anew organic beverage company we need illustration design of 7-10 years old girl to be apart of our company identity ..our company promotes green earth friendly products and we need the feel of the correcter to be fun sweet and colorful..the name of our company is gaia soda and gaia well be our illustration girl..

please see file for its a picture of gaia we need our correcter to look more ao less as the girl in the picture

we well need gaia in few positions ,one well be gaia laying on the ground with leg cross maybe laying on a tree..and holding in hear hands earth green icon .please see file for earth friendly icons

This image will be placed on our home page in the rectangular boxes. See the attached images for reference. The rectangle is rather small so the image needs to fit and be clear.

thank you

Thursday, March 29, 2012
  • Project Deadline Extended
    Added Tuesday, March 20, 2012
File 1: sw tuesday, 20 march 2012 01:04:344
File 2: 12023130-green-world-and-leaf-have-butterfly-in-woman-hand sunday, 11 march 2012 18:50:052
File 3: 7 sunday, 11 march 2012 18:50:051
File 4: photo wednesday, 21 march 2012 22:09:555
File 5: 5 sunday, 11 march 2012 18:50:053

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