Poster Design Job: Metal event organization needs awesome poster designs to be used now and for next editions

Designer Selected
< €100
In Payments
Job Type
Poster Design
Task Outline
  • Create a Poster Design
Task Description
First of all, we need a poster design for an upcoming big event this summer!

The events we do are based in the music genre metal, death metal, hardcore, metalcore and deathcore. The design must fit for this genre. So no flowers, pink clouds or other cute shit please!

The summer event we speak of, will be with the band Aborted (deathcore/deathmetal) as headliner. So don't hold back on creating a brutal design. The band, crowd and what's more important, we too, will absolutely adore it.

For the design of the event with Aborted (and upcoming editions) we think it would be cool if you could work out a giant header with 'Hasselt Deathfest'. That's the name of the event, go figure! Other things you do with the poster, are up to you...

If you are prepared to make some good deals with us, we probably are going to ask you as our exclusive designer. So it would come in handy if the design for the summer event with Aborted can be re-used after some adjustments (different color, arrangement of the text or another picture that attracts the attention). Therefore we are planning to have more editions of this event in the future. And we want the people to recognize the design/style of our poster.

Besides a range of designs for this gig and future editions, we would like a different type of design for our more metalcore and hardcore orientated shows.

Please note that first of all we want a design for the summer event with Aborted. The other designs are fore future projects! But with the explanation above, you can get a pretty good idea of what we will be expecting from you.
Deadline for Quote Submissions
Tuesday, February 28, 2012
Target Market(s)
Youngsters, Young adults, 16-30 year
Must Have:
- Start from a concept of which we can make you design other posters in the future. We are very interested in designers who want to work with us on a long term base. Which means we can make a deal around it: a poster or a flyer at a sharp price on a frequent base. You will be our exclusive designer, if you can make us a really, really good price!

Should Not Have:
- Not to much details, keep the design awesome but simple.

Expected Quote Range
< €100
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