Brochure Design Job: Pro-Active-Pest-Solutions

Designer Selected
$100 to $300
In Payments
Job Type
Brochure Design
Industry / Entity Type
Task Outline
  • Create a Brochure Design
Task Description
I am looking for a Flyer that I can present to new potential customers for a new pest control business that i am starting! I want it to take the stereo types of ewe pest control truck in front of that business,your favorite restaurant,or residence that there must be a problem...But even further not only is there not a problem but a comfort knowing that whoever is using such a service is being proactive ...I want to comfort the client that the service is positive and to there customer, or neighbor that all is well in the establishment ! I want to convey to them that I am creating a solution to there existing ,or possible future problem! I am a commercial ,and residential pest control company that provides a service that controls insect, rodent, and animal problems!
Deadline for Quote Submissions
Wednesday, February 29, 2012
Target Market(s)
Families, Businesses,and food processing places
Must Have:
- A feel of comfort,protection,and family! I want would like a picture of my face on the flyer as well! That I am certified in the state of Wisconsin for residential, and commercial pest control...I also Have a been certified with The American Institute of Baking for dealing with food process establishments, and audits with the F.D.A

Nice to Have:
- Her is the deal I have been a pest control professional, and I am also a artist at heart, but just recently my mothers house has burnt to the ground causing allot of grief and hurt...I would normally just go to illustrator and do this myself, but I have artist block right now I try and paint and my work has been horrible it only portrays since my employer laid me off for taking time to help my mother deal with loosing everything in her life, I have decided to start my own company...but i came to the conclusion for now as far as the creative side I need to reach out to all my fellow artists, And no I don't want any of that portrayed in my flyer lol ...I just thought I would share something so whom ever can make this has a connection with my dream and where i come from... Thank you and God Bless you ALL!!

Comments and Questions

The brochure is it a trifold? 8.5 by 11 or 11 by 17? would you be proving the content and stock photos? What is the time frame completion for this project...


Wajiha Kanji
By JI Designers on Thursday, February 23, 2012 | Reply
I would prefer a trifold and as far as the photos no i would not But i would provide a photo of myself that would like to be on the back next to my contact info far as content yes i can provide that
By Project Owner on Thursday, February 23, 2012 | Reply
Expected Quote Range
$100 to $300
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