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  • Create a Logo Design
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I am a holistic bodyworker with a private practice. I provide unique and deeply restorative massage treatments for body and mind, and I need a logo to reflect my company, something that differentiates me from all of the 'bamboo and leaf motif" spas and similar businesses out there. My practice is called 'holistic arts' for a reason - I bring an artistic touch to what I do, as I am a dancer and a flamenco dancer at that! I would like my logo to have flair, and yet communicate the deep relaxation, alignment on physical and emotional levels, and re-connection with self that I believe to be the hallmark of what I do. I don't just give a massage - I aim to create an entire experience that leaves the client feeling more whole.

More about my approach to bodywork: I provide the space for change to occur. My approach is simple yet effective, with a focus on alignment, deep tissue, deep flow and myofascial release. The use of essential oils and hot stone treatment adds a touch of luxury and indulgence. Rather than clinical, I aim to provide a healing environment of warmth and comfort. I provide treatment for clients of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, and also for women in the childbearing year.

****Important****in the future I may use this same logo as an umbrella for arts therapy, movement education or similar field. So I need it to not only be about 'massage'.

Key feeling tones to communicate with graphic/text:

Logo Text
embodywork holistic arts
Logo Styles of Interest
Emblem Logo
Logo enclosed in a shape
Pictorial / Combination Logo
A real-world object (optional text)
Abstract Logo
Conceptual / symbolic (optional text)
Tuesday, May 1, 2012
  • Hello everyone,

    Thank you all so much for the level of creativity and willingness you've shown. There are some wonderful designs so far. I have decided to modify my brief and open up the project not because I haven't seen something I like, but to give this creative process some more space. I think some new possibilities will inform my decision. Thanks and I will be in touch soon. 


    Added Monday, February 27, 2012
  • Hi everyone,

    For all the wonderful designers who are working on this project, I have a request. Can you please look at the two photos I have uploaded onto my brief, mosaic1 and mosaic2, and generate some ideas around how these geometric designs could work as my graphic. I still like the idea of a paint brush feel. FYI these photos were taken in the Alhambra in Granada, Spain. The colours approximate what I prefer, though I would like to see some tyrian purple in there. Several of you are already intuitively on the right track colour-wise.

    Thank you very much. I have received some excellent designs so thank you for your submissions so far. I'm excited about what this idea might yield.

    Added Sunday, March 04, 2012
  • Hi all, my apologies it seems that one photo didn't upload properly. Please look at mosaic2 for inspiration as well.

    Added Monday, March 05, 2012
  • Project Deadline Extended
    Reason: Hi everyone - Thank you so much for your wonderful contributions and for sticking with me through the changes I've presented you with. A few of you have really impressed me with your professionalism and flexibility, and all of you have formidable talent. What this process has really done for me is allowed me to refine what I'm looking for in a brand/logo. After some creative brainstorming, I've decided to take a break from my contest in order to let things digest. I will be in touch with you if I would like you to make further changes. As the contest is guaranteed, there WILL be a winner! My apologies that it's going to take longer than anticipated. Thanks again and we'll talk soon. Kelty
    Added Saturday, March 10, 2012
  • Project Deadline Extended
    Reason: Hi everyone, I've been offline for a while but I'll soon be uploading photos of my own back bodypainted with a Moorish mosaic design. The inspiration struck to make the design that much more authentic and unique (which I need since there are quite a few people in my industry, and especially in my city of Vancouver). If that sounds like something you can work with and would be interested to add to your portfolio (a totally different concept and look) then stay tuned for images in the next few days. Thanks! Kelty
    Added Sunday, March 25, 2012
  • Project Deadline Extended
    Reason: Thank you so much for your additional designs. Please wait for my images to be uploaded as I have decided to take the design a bit deeper by having some body-artwork photographed and then have design elements added. I will be in touch when the photos are ready. Thanks again! Kelty
    Added Monday, April 02, 2012
  • Hi designers,

    I have to apologize that it's been over a year since I opened this project, and I haven't moved forward with it. Many of you submitted multiple beautiful designs. The company has informed me that this project needs to be closed, so I WILL be choosing a winner by Sunday night, May 11. As such, this is a last push. I hope some of you will consider submitting. Some of you already have the right idea.

    I have uploaded a file called Mosaic Logo Drawing that is a design that I have been working on with an artist. Please take a look at it and base your design from that. It needs to be simpler than that image, maybe just a few tiles of the mosaic to make a recognizable logo. You can use those colours as well. If it could suggest the shape of the shoulder or spine, great. No curvy lady bodies, please...I don't want to attract the wrong clientele :)

    Thanks and again, my apologies for the delay. Someone is going to get paid on this. :)
    Added Saturday, May 11, 2013
Look and Feel
Each slider illustrates characteristics of the customer's brand and the style your design should communicate.

Must Have:
- the text must somehow differentiate the 'em' from 'bodywork'. (ie: so that the word 'work' does not stand out too much).
the design must be based on the Mosaic Logo Drawing I've uploaded

Nice to Have:
- Texture, breath, spaciousness, emotion.

Should Not Have:
- I don't want to see exclusively beige and light green, nor graphics of bamboo and leaves, nor overly frilly script - this is overdone in the industry. I am not a spa, I am a single practitioner, so I need to communicate my own unique personality with the design.
File 1: mosaic logo drawing a saturday, 11 may 2013 02:50:101
File 2: font embodywork logo wednesday, 15 may 2013 15:20:023
File 3: pantones for embodywork logo wednesday, 15 may 2013 15:20:022

Comments and Questions
Thank you for your comment on nero science, i would like to take part, please extend your deadline, so i can take part, thanks
By Dipzuk on Thursday, March 1, 2012 | Reply
Hi, was wondering if you have come any closer to picking a winner for your project. Thanks...Dennis"thedotman"
By Dennis Jackson on Tuesday, July 10, 2012 | Reply
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