Web Design Job: Web Design Work - *Professional Webdesigner wanted to upgrate our website www.just-airports.net

Designer Selected
$500 to $800
In Payments
Job Type
Web Design (Uncoded - PSD layout only)
Industry / Entity Type
Task Outline
  • Create a Web Design (Uncoded - PSD layout only)
Task Description
Our initial existing website is: www.just-airports.net

*For more details ref our project we're happy to keep informed those web designers who wish contacting us directly clarifying whether they are happy to undertake due tasks thereof upgrade our project on placing their best offer at, budget US $ 500 - US $ 800 , and, clarifying if it’s fine they work on a single base undertaking our project...

We require PHP software web designers to assist us upgrading our existing website cause our website is a custom built in PHP software language

Tasks we required for completion must be carried out on a limited time pre-set period agreed with the web designers.

Herewith below are some of the Tasks we required:
N.B - There will follow analytic e-mail instructions due to send out.

*1)... Implementing specific all ready completed code 'white label in PHP language' submitted over to us via our Global Affiliates interfacing into both our existing Car Hire + Airport Transfers Search Engines for services rendered in at present status only in Cyprus, thereof whilst creating NEW fields required we can then on offer Services Globally ref to Car Hire plus Airport Transfers, besides our main default area, Cyprus...

*2)... Re-designing our present 'Home Page' based on a NEW custom Top Dynamic Web Designed Theme...having in mind most of our existing banners and other information will still remain..however modified from 'Flash' to either Preferably in Jif/png.. and/or alternatively in either HTML or CSS..
Any additional info ie New banners and extra Information required uploaded on our Main Home Page will be discussed and given full instructions in e-mails that will follow..

*3)... Added NEW work required be created and uploaded onto our website various sub-sections:
A)... 'Car Hire' +
B)... 'Chauffeurs' +
C)... 'Hotels' +
D)... 'Flights' +
E)... 'Content/Links on All pages at Footer Part of our web' +
F)... 'Upgrading our back office Admin Navigation Electronic Files
by adding NEW additional 6' fields +

*4)... Basic Text Edits required on existing graphics work...
ie: Business Cards + A4 size magazine adverts + Display of
New UK Tel# on our main e-mail banner signatures...

*5)... Final testing work fine 'All automatic e-mail reply set up:
' Thank You Pages' + ' Success Booking Confirmation Pages'.

Deadline for Quote Submissions
Monday, February 27, 2012
Must Have:
- *Excellent Knowledge of, PHP language software
*Excellent knowledge of, creating banners preferably in: Jif/png and/or alternatively in HTML and/or CSS

Comments and Questions
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Expected Quote Range
$500 to $800
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