Web Design Job: Alzheimer Medical Clinic

Designer Selected
€100 to €300
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Job Type
Web Design (Uncoded - PSD layout only)
Industry / Entity Type
Task Outline
  • Create a Web Design (Uncoded - PSD layout only)
Task Description
We are a recently created medical clinic whose main activity is to treat patients with cognitive problems, specially Alzheimer's disease. Our clinic is formed by specialists in the fields of Neurology, Psicology, and Geriatry. We offer a broad range of services, spanning from memory testing to continuos neurological and psicological support to both patients and family. We like to think of ourselves as an all-you-need clinic for patients with cognitive problems during all states of the disease.

We want a website and new logo to promote our clinic. The intended brand message we wish to give is one of seriousness, professionality and comfort to both patients and family. We want the web to insist in the fact that we are of assistance in all the states of the disease, that cognitive problems may appear prematurely and they can be dealt with. Intended target are middle-aged men and woman (around their 50s) who may be preocuppied about their cognitive abilities and whose parents may be suffering from some form of dementia.

We do intensive research about cognitive problems and publish papers frequently. We also want to be seen as an important and technologically advanced institution in the field of medicine; we invest heavily in medical equipment, research, and employee formation.

We want the web to be our 'base of operations', where new patients have it easy to contact us and known patients can access their own space (Intranet, if you wish) to contact us, check and download their medical reports, medical history, make appointments, payment information, bills, etc. Any task involving our clinic and the patient must be present in the Intranet. And it must be easy to use and have an appealing user interface.

Apart from that, designers may cast their own ideas into the project and be original and creative about it.
Deadline for Quote Submissions
Saturday, February 25, 2012
Must Have:
- Project must include:
1) Website (main page and inner pages) and Intranet for patients design in PSD and web files (see point 3).
2) PSD and AI files for all logos, icons and any other image used to create the website. No exceptions. All photos used must be usable right away, available for commercial use.
3) Programming languages: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP (>5), and MySQL, if needed. If a Javascript library is used, it must be jQuery - latest stable version available. Plugins for jQuery must be reduced to a minimum. No Flash, Silverlight or similar.
4) HTML5 and CSS3 may be used only if a corresponding version for backwards compatibility is provided for older browsers.
5) All Javascript, CSS or PHP code must be given uncompressed and commented in English.
6) Website must be SEO-friendly.
7) Compatible with iPad and tablet devices (gestures).
8) Mobile version for the web.
9) PDF document describing used colors and design conception.

Comments and Questions
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Expected Quote Range
€100 to €300
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