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(This project has been guaranteed.)


“Brilliants” is a new type of translation agency. We are looking for skilled designers to help us create our first corporate brochure to debut with the opening of our website! Do you have the skills?

We have a basic concept that we would like to bring to life (attached). Unfortunately, since we can’t design and we definitely can’t draw, we need YOU to bring this concept to life. As we aim to be a global company bridging the gap between customers and their need for language services, our main graphic element is a globe with words/sentences swirling about it (globesketch.png attached). Our brochure should appeal to the customer and feel professional, eye catching and inviting. We are here to help the customers bridge their language gap for any language.

*** I am willing to accept any design or version of this globe with surrounding text that you feel looks impressive and looks solid. I particularly like the 3D globes. Please feel free to stray from the design in "globe-image.jpg" The goal is to create an impressive image and brochure.

The size and style of this globe is up to you.

The swirling letters/sentences could circle around the front and back of the globe (see the attached “globe-image.jpg”). The style of the words wrapping around the globe is up to you, as long as it is eye-catching.

If possible, please make the text editable (Just in case we decide to change the words swirling around the globe, that is even better).

We are looking for a brochure that is professional, modern, minimalist, and encompasses the colors blue and white (the color and hue are up to you). We have attached our logo, however, feel free to adjust the colors of the logo as necessary.

We would like to see graphic elements that represent the themes that will be included in the brochure: Globalization, Services, Customization, Speed, and Convenience. The scope of work is both the inside brochure design and layout of graphics and text, and the outside brochure design. Requirements for these 2 pages are outlined below.

Please consider the other elements of the brochure as well, as written in the "MUST HAVE" section below.

Feel free to ask questions and I look forward to providing you all constructive feedback on your hard work!
Thursday, March 15, 2012
  • Project Deadline Extended
    Reason: Due to a design crowd error, I was unable to upgrade this project to guaranteed. It has been upgraded as of today.
    Added Monday, February 20, 2012
  • Project Deadline Extended
    Reason: There is a delay in our responses due to time differences. However, we would like designers to submit their designs/redesigns as soon as possible.
    Added Thursday, March 01, 2012
  • Project Deadline Extended
    Reason: Due to time differences, we are unable to provide a response within 24 hours. We would like to provide the necessary feedback for creating a successful design.
    Added Tuesday, March 06, 2012
  • Project Deadline Extended
    Reason: Please submit your final changes/designs as soon as possible.
    Added Monday, March 12, 2012
Target Market(s)
Focus on medium to large size businesses but we target individuals and small businesses as well.
Look and Feel
Each slider illustrates characteristics of the customer's brand and the style your design should communicate.

Must Have:
- - General:
- Dimensions A4 size (however if you think a different size is better, feel free to mention it)
- Use of blue and white as the main colors

- Placeholder Text (Lorem Ipsum) for the following themes: Globalization (100 words), Services(150 words), Customization(100 words), Speed(100 words), Convenience(100 words)
(I will provide actual text soon. This may help in making choices to add graphics.)
- Graphics that deal with the above themes (a graphic for every theme is not necessary). Please aim for an impressive look and continuity, instead of using many graphics.

Our logo is attached. You are allowed to change the hue and color to make it match the design of the brochure.
(However, please consider the blue and white theme.)

- Use of our logo (attached)
- Tagline "Communicate with the world."

- Use of our logo

-Impressive looking globe with words/sentences swirling about it.
(a sketch, globesketch.png, of the basic concept is attached below. Please create an impressive-looking globe as you deem fit.)
(The words I would like to use are attached in a word document: globe design text.doc)

File format:
-InDesign files
-individual files for any graphics added into the brochure

Nice to Have:
- - Modern minimalist designs expressing a global theme
- Overlapping design from front cover to back cover
- Editable text for the central globe design

Should Not Have:
- - Irrelevant clipart graphics
- Too many images (a minimalist style is better)

File 1: brilliants logo friday, 17 february 2012 10:44:583
File 2: globe design text friday, 17 february 2012 10:44:582
File 3: brilliants-logo-vectors (1) sunday, 19 february 2012 22:13:084
File 4: globe sketch friday, 17 february 2012 10:44:581
File 5: first_page_sketch wednesday, 14 march 2012 00:02:365

Comments and Questions
Approximately How many pages are required for the brochure. I am interested for this Brochure Design Project. would you please mail the items that you were mentioning in the requirements at

Ankit Tanna,
InDesign Professional,
By TheTanna on Friday, February 17, 2012 | Reply
Could you attach your logo?


By elYJan on Friday, February 17, 2012 | Reply
Page Length:
Please determine the necessary page length. (Pages may not be necessary, a trifold is also possible.)
I''ve defined that there will be six categories with placeholder text(lorem ipsum):
Globalization (100 words), 
Customization(100 words), 
Speed(100 words), 
Convenience(100 words)

and inside designs/images as you see fit.

And the globe design with words swirling around it.
Please use this information to make the brochure with pages or no pages as you see fit.
(I may prefer no pages but if you have a good design in mind that uses pages, please try it.)

@Ankit Tanna
I''ve attached the necessary files (please download them from the project page)

I''ve attached the necessary files.
Please feel free to ask any further questions.
By Project Owner on Friday, February 17, 2012 | Reply
Hi, do you have your logo in a vector format please?
Thanks, Alex
By Gonzo on Sunday, February 19, 2012 | Reply
I''ve added .psd file. It should be in vector format. This is the best I can do.
By Project Owner on Sunday, February 19, 2012 | Reply
I''ve added .psd file. It should be in vector format. This is the best I can do.
By Project Owner on Sunday, February 19, 2012 | Reply
I''ve remade the logo in illustrator. It should be all vectors now.. Please check the newest upload.
By Project Owner on Sunday, February 19, 2012 | Reply
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