Web Design Job: School Design and Build Limited Website Quote

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< 200
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Job Type
Web Design (Uncoded - PSD layout only)
Industry / Entity Type
Task Outline
  • Create a Web Design (Uncoded - PSD layout only)
Task Description
I have attached a ppp which will explain what my company does in detail. This also encompasses the basic design I want for the website. Which is as follows,

1. White Background for all pages
2. Possibly some kind of border or background watermark I don't know I will leave that up you, the creative lot.
3. All pages to have four photos, one in each corner. I would like all pages to display as one page on most browsers without the need to scroll down.
4. The pictures need to enlarge when the mouse pointer moves over them, so that they can be viewed in more detail. Also clickable enlaregment for a more detailed study.
5. Home Page to have logo in center of the page with funky buttons (Colour to match logo?!?!?).
I have not positioned logo / navigation buttons on pages that follow but obviously this will have to be there, again I will leave that up to the designer to position.
6. Nice looking font for all words.
7. My PPP is very rough and is a guide only.

Please include timeframe from when I give you the go ahead till I can have the website complete. This is important as I am doing a brochure mailing run and the website needs to be operational before this can happen.

For some reason I cannot change the budget figure my budget for this jon is $200-$500 US.
Number of Pages Required
5+ pages
Deadline for Quote Submissions
Monday, March 8, 2010
Target Market(s)
My customera are head teachers and business managers of mainly primary schools (but could be secondary schools and colleges)located within Greater London.
Must Have:
- Photos as requested in brief
Clean lines / professional
Easy to read and navigate (Head Teachers are busy people)
Fully functioning with instruction/assistance how to upload to my web hosting site.
Logos and company information

Should Not Have:
- Be complicated or dificult to use.

File 1: supporting file 11
File 2: supporting file 44
File 3: supporting file 22
File 4: supporting file 33

Expected Quote Range
< 200
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