Business Card Design Job: LPA Group Pty Ltd

Designer Selected
$100 to $300
In Payments
Job Type
Business Card Design
Task Outline
  • Submit a Quote
  • One designer will be selected to submit a design
Task Description
My father has a truck delivery and escavation business, I need to get a few ideas for logos for the company name so I can create a business card and invoice book. I will need a logo that looks good and stands out as I will need to create a sticker for the truck itself. The truck is a big white freight liner with a trailer attached. The card will need to fit all the relevant business details on it in a clear manner, as well as having a list of services on the back with room for a consultation date and time to be written on the back somewhere.
I need something that stands out and looks good but that is different and unique, if that is possible.

I hope that is enough information if you need more please don't hesitate to contact me on my email: or on my mobile: 0477 880 013.

Thank You.
Deadline for Quote Submissions
Tuesday, February 21, 2012
Must Have:
- I would like to have some pictures on the card if possible they don't need to be big

Nice to Have:
- I would like it if we could incorporate some pictures whether they are the background of the card or small pictures on the card. Preferably of a freight liner and exscavator.

Expected Quote Range
$100 to $300
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