PowerPoint Design Job: PPT Template Graphic Design for Firm Serving Sales & Mrkting Executives in High-Tech Comopanies

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PowerPoint Design
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  • Create a PowerPoint Design
Task Description
Planetpro seeks a graphic design for a PowerPoint template for corporate presentations.
We are a workforce solutions company that specializes in finding and managing contractors for sales and marketing organizations in high-tech companies. We can also manage entire processes with our 'managed services' solution, for existing clients. We are unique in our exclusive focus on sales & marketing, our consultative approach that works with clients to leverage contractors, not just to fill immediate resource gaps they may have, but also to achieve immediate and longer term business goals of their organization. We offer the dual advantage of flexibility as clients may find within a boutique firm, and the scalability of a global company which means that regardless of whether clients need one contractor or several, locally or in foreign markets, we can help.
We will use this PPT template to present what we do to help clients, and how we are different from the competition to prospective clients. We might also use this PPT template to present proposals.
Friday, March 2, 2012
  • Project Deadline Extended
    Reason: We would love to see some more design options! Also, we have guaranteed the project since we first posted. Thank you!
    Added Wednesday, February 22, 2012
Target Market(s)
Executives in sales and marketing organizations of high tech companies, including VP of Sales, VP marketing, CEO, CFO and heads of HR departments.
Look and Feel
Each slider illustrates characteristics of the customer's brand and the style your design should communicate.

Must Have:
- Template must be simple, elegant, classy. Please include a cover page, supporting pages (for content of presentation) and concluding ("Thank You") page. Design must include our logo & tagline (see attached), and provide recommendations for heading font, copy font and ‘bullet’ styles. Please locate company name on bottom right of template. Design should be in the same family of the look and feel of our website (www.planetpro.com). We would like the design to convey simplicity and elegance. We’d also like it to reflect the personality of our firm: friendly and approachable, with a high level of professionalism. Design should feel confident, and up-to-date in its look. Template must be both MAC and PC compatible.

Nice to Have:
- Same template developed for PPT, imported into a Prezi format as well. We need the PPT template for sure, but one in Prezi would be great to have as well - to enable more professional looking format for presentations.

File 1: planetpro_rgb friday, 17 february 2012 21:00:043
File 2: pp_illustrations friday, 17 february 2012 21:00:031
File 3: planetpro_rgb friday, 17 february 2012 21:00:044
File 4: pp_illustrations friday, 17 february 2012 21:00:042

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