T-shirt Design Job: Unexpected Mugshots - Illies Clothing

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< £100
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Job Type
T-shirt Design
Task Outline
  • Create a T-shirt Design
Task Description
Clothing line (Tees) at early stage of setting up. I am just wanting to start building a portfolio of one off designs, which, up to now, are just random ideas I have come up with.

"Illies" is the name of my label.

I would like a design which shows the 'unexpected' mugshot of The Queen of England...in the style of the U.S. mugshot procedure (two mugshots side by side, one of front of face and one of the side).

I would like The Queen to have one mugshot showing her facing forward, but the side mugshot would be a coin of coin from her own currency, which has the queens head side on. Can anybody help me please.

Im new to this, so I am just testing the waters and seeing what kind of designs/quality is thrown at me.

Thanks in advance

Deadline for Quote Submissions
Monday, February 6, 2012
Target Market(s)
A smart/casual clothing label that may have a target market of males aged 16 - 28, who have a high fashion awareness.

Expected Quote Range
< £100
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