Graphic Design Job: Youtube Channel design - Logo - Background images - Flash Logo

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£100 to £300
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Graphic Design
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  • Create a Graphic Design
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As a promoter of Dubstep and Drum & Bass music in Manchester UK, I have been asked by many clients to have a youtube channel made.

I have now done this and created the channel 'DubZnDrumZ' i need this channel to stand out though before i go live with my clients, I would require the following, -

- Full channel theme for the new style of youtube channel which would need to be to exact size for the page and not repeated and in HD quality. (which is basically the borders of the page as the new style cannot be edited in most of the body).

Black and Red theme in HD with graphics of speakers / subs and maybe a touch of chrome effects etc.

- Logos in graffiti style but they need to be clear to read and i would require an flash version with maybe explosive effects similar to the below links video start. (i also like their logo) ;)

I would also require a few random images designs of quirky characters similar to the below link with the logo featured on the image (these would be used for the Youtube videos).

All in HD 1080p which can be used on videos and the logo / channel theme must be the exact size for youtubes specs.

I know the logo is 800 x 800 but am unsure as the channel themes size.

I look forward to hearing from someone who can do the above and high quality job of it, please quote me a price and i would also require to approve and if needed amend everything prior the accepting a final copy and full copy right permission must be granted to myself for these art works.
Deadline for Quote Submissions
Thursday, February 2, 2012
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Expected Quote Range
£100 to £300
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