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Designer Selected
< 200
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Job Type
Graphic Design
Industry / Entity Type
Advertising / Marketing
Task Outline
  • Submit a Quote
  • One designer will be selected to submit a design
Task Description
A sleek crisp logo, with a metallic look, incorporating red, black and possibly grey. Business name is "Peek Hour Ads". The business is incorporating advertising on drivers vehicles, who register as a driver with Peek Hour Ads, get paid to drive their cars. Peek Hour Ads gets companies to advertise with them on the people's cars who drive around with a mesh sticker across the back windscreen of the driver's car.
Deadline for Quote Submissions
Saturday, February 6, 2010
Target Market(s)
Target audience predominantly is companies who are looking at advertising with a "driving banner" advertising business. Corporate companies, small to large businesses.

Also will have a target market of drivers who will be driving the vehicles of which the advertisers will be advertising their banners on.
Must Have:
- metallic emblem, "Peek Hour Ads" as the brand name.
"Put the drive in your advertising" as the tag line. colours red, black, grey and possibly light red. writing in either typeface as used on vehicle writing

Nice to Have:
- possbly have a purple colour incorporated. emblem either a car design to represent the business name "peek hour ads", either a silhouette of a car, or using an emblem the same as what is seen on vehicle designs in chrome or simmilar. crisp "new age" writing.

Should Not Have:
- old style font, not too open / larger design

Expected Quote Range
< 200
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