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We need a t-shirt designed for a retail store. We are a high tech, modern electronic buying company. Customers come to us looking to sell their electronics.

The t-shirt needs to green (the color of our logo, which is our hallmark color).

I'd like the logo to be large on the front across the chest, with maybe some electronic lightening around it, wires, or something electronic and catchy (nothing too cheesy) this is a franchised company.

I'm looking for new ideas, and to make the shirt look great, catchy and signature. NOT A BORING WORK SHIRT.

I'd also like a plug coming over the left shoulder onto the front left chest. possibly from the back looking like it's coming out of the shirt, maybe some wires etc. I don't want my staff to look like a full blown robot, but would be interested in a lighter concept of it.

On the back of the shirt, I'd like it to say

"WE BUY YOUR ELECTRONICS" - in bold like a fireman shirt across the whole back
Massapequa, NY - a little smaller
516-541-2100 www.paymorestores.com - smaller under it
Franchises available - even smaller under it.

I can't stress enough, that I'd like this shirt to be cool, catchy and interesting. I want my staff to be able to wear this out after a long day's work and not be ashamed to be seen in it. I want people asking what this company is all about when they see the shirt. Good luck! I've used this website a couple of times and have been happy each time!!
Monday, January 30, 2012
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