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Brochure Design
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  • Create a Brochure Design
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I am wanting a professionally designed 3 fold brochure to print quality as it will be used for printing and delivering. Other possible use could be as an online brochure (this is a lot less important).

My services include Coaching, Consulting and Mentoring to the Hair and Beauty Industry. Essentially I help Salon owners overcome some of the inherant issues they experience growing their businesses so, I help hair and beauty salon owners who are lost in the crazy chaos of day-to-day activities. I coach them to take control of their business, become more efficient, free up more time, and get more clients.

The brochure should reflect professionalism but also portray an element of fun and edgyness, also I am a no nonsence type person who tells it like it is so it should reflect this intent as well. Here is my web address, it should give you all the info, text and possibly even design ideas as well. Although I don't want it looking exactly like my website, I would like it to reflect a similar feeling for brand recognition.
Friday, February 5, 2010
  • Just realised I didn't put that it is to be double sided although I guess you are all intellegent people and would have realised that anyway... haha can you tell I'm a newbe at this...
  • The uploaded files include a pdf of my business cards to show how the 3 uploaded icon files interact with the wording.
  • Wow so many things to remember to say... the brochure should be A4 size and Landscape layout with verticle folds to DLE size.
Target Market(s)
Hair and Beauty/Spa Salon owners wanting to grow there businesses or are looking for help in running their daily operations. Owners who recognise that they are in need of an experienced salon coach/mentor.
Must Have:
- My logo and recognizable branding from website
a Section Pointing to my FREE eBook on my website.
Needs to be an edgy design to be considered
contact details area

Nice to Have:
- I''m open to creativeness
Pictures are good

Should Not Have:
- Old fashion design or any form of clip art
File 1: supporting file 11
File 2: supporting file 14
File 3: supporting file 15
File 4: supporting file 22
File 5: supporting file 33

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