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JAGfit is a new personal training business in Houston Texas.
JAG stands for the personal trainer's initials Jorge Alberto Grimaldo. JAGfit is committed to help their clients achieve their fitness goals whether it is to lose weight, physical therapy after surgery or just feel their best day in and day out. We focus on muscle strentgh and functional training so clients can be at optimal levels for life. We want them to know that their potential is limitless and we are here to help, teach and guide them through their health journey. We also offer complimentary nutrition advice. The final design should communicate health, strength, confidence, and should be simple. no fuss. Simple bold colors (navy, black, silver, ...)
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Sunday, March 11, 2012
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The target market is mainly young urban professional women between the ages of 20 and 40 wishing to lose weight, or just reach their health goals.
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Must Have:
- The logo must have JAG in capital letters.

Nice to Have:
- we could include a tagline with the logo "Be Limitless" it is an option. It would be great to have one logo in darker colors and have an option with lighter colors to be imported on black shirts.

Should Not Have:
- I would lie to avoid the cliches associated with personal training logos - weights, little stick figure lifting weights, ...

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