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  • Create a Logo Design
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I am looking for creative freedom on this one.

Motivity by definition means "the power to move or cause motion"

This could use a lot of different imagery or fonts.

Logo Text
Motivity Advertising
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Sunday, February 7, 2010
  • Thank you everyone so much for submitting designs. 

    Some feedback overall. 

    Simple is better.  Please do not get caught up with the pendulum if it is going to distract. 

    I really like the simplicity of the logos on this site. 


    I know that Motivity Advertising as two words are already quite long and it's difficult to be super simplistic however the focus can really be on Motivity and the word Advertising can be much smaller font if you so choose. 

    Again...simple is better.....simple is more difficult to pull off but it's always more effective.

Target Market(s)
Target Audience are other businesses.

Must Have:
- Spell the name correctly!!!

Motivity Advertising

Nice to Have:
- Currently one image that comes to mind is the metal ball pendulum. I am open to absolutely anything. I have attached an image of this. The idea of the pendulum can be as detailed or abstract as you want. You do not have to lock into this image if you don''t want. If there is an image that comes to mind or design that you think lends itself better to the definition of Motivity then please do so.

Motivity: The power to move or cause motion"

Should Not Have:
- Should not have real photos.
File 1: supporting file 11

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