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I am starting my own garden design practice and I require a suitable logo designed. I am based in London and aim to design for middle to high end clients who have the means to commission a designer for their garden over and above the cost of the garden's construction. I am trying to project quality, creativity and strong design through my logo. I am happy for colour to be used in the design although this is not a requirement. The design should be based largely around the text "Graeme Thirde Garden and Landscape Design" although a suitable logo other than the text should be considered. The logo should be suitable to be used for a range of material including my website, business cards and letter head. My website is graemethirdedesign.com. I have deliberately left the brief reasonably open to see what people come up with.
Logo Text
Graeme Thirde Garden and Landscape Design
Saturday, February 4, 2012
  • Firstly thank you for submitting your designs.  As you may have noticed I have now guaranteed the project so I will be selecting one of your designs.  Apologies to all those who have already submitted designs with trees or flowers in them but I am quite keen to steer away from such designs unless they are quite abstract.  I do not want my logo to look like all the other companies in my industry I would like it to be a little different.  I hope this helps.

    Yours aye,


    Added Sunday, January 29, 2012
  • Thanks to all of you who submitted designs.  There were some very good designs for me to choose from.  Sorry to those of you who's designs were not chosen.  Many thanks again.  Graeme
    Added Monday, February 13, 2012
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My business is aimed at people who have money to spend on commisioning a designer to design their garden and are looking to spend £10000 and upwards
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