Web Design Job: AKOS Health Systems Website design contest

Designer Selected
$100 to $300
In Payments
Job Type
Web Design (Uncoded - PSD layout only)
Task Outline
  • Create a Web Design (Uncoded - PSD layout only)
Task Description
We need designers to help us design our company website. Our colors are flexible, though we would prefer a combination of Green, Red, and Gold. We are currently using DesignCrowd for our logo design and are looking forward to the results.

AKOS is a global healthcare company that creates innovative software for hospitals, dental colleges, medical colleges, clinics, etc. We focus on patient data collection and aggregation. We also are closely involved in healthcare research and mine our data repositories for valuable health-information.

Official Name: AKOS Health Systems
Tagline: Better Health. Better Research. Everywhere.
Key Elements that design should communicate:
1. International Company/Global Health
2. Innovative technology tools for effective, simple, and thorough data collection.
3. Powerful and easy research/querying tools and diverse, de-identified, patient data repository.

The overall website will likely be about 30 pages and will follow a consistent theme. The site must be professional, clean, and crisp design. The colors and layout should exude cutting edge technology, without being too flashy. The designer need only design the homepage and one content-page. Our programmers can extrapolate a consistent theme from there.
Deadline for Quote Submissions
Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Expected Quote Range
$100 to $300
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