Graphic Design Job: Area 'Resort Advertising Type' Map

Designer Selected
$100 to $300
In Payments
Job Type
Graphic Design
Industry / Entity Type
Task Outline
  • Create a Graphic Design
Task Description
I need a map of a small location that shows the roads and buildings, parks, strip malls, hotels and restraunts etc... It will be used both on a web site initially and then in a print version for advertising similar to a resort map with ads around the outside.

It should be simple but modern and stylish (maybe even with a hint of cartoon? perhaps) bright fun colors. It should have enough room for me to add the logo or sign of a business that advertises with us. I will need a photoshop finished map that I can add these logos myself later.

So what I need is the base map. If you are also interested in the upkeep of the map by adding these logos etc... then please let me know.

I aim to use this as a starting point and then also create many more full city maps with the same style as this part of my business grows. So this could be the start of something big with regular work.

Feel free to quote freely as I want someone who is great to work with and can create a great looking top quality map.

Good Luck!

Deadline for Quote Submissions
Friday, February 17, 2012
  • have maps that are quite basic but a good starting point for what I need.
    Added Tuesday, January 10, 2012
  • Project Deadline Extended
    Reason: I would like to ensure that the quotes that you have made include the buildings and map details as per the brief... please confirm, thanks. I have also uploaded sample maps from other companies that have elements/styles that could be used. I have also uploaded some screenshot/photo/map of the actual area and have labelled some of the buildings so that you can get a better idea of what is needed.
    Added Tuesday, January 10, 2012
Target Market(s)
visitors and shoppers to an area with shops, restraunts and businesses.
Look and Feel
Each slider illustrates characteristics of the customer's brand and the style your design should communicate.

Must Have:
- photoshop/illustrator layers: 1. background map,roads,trees & bushes 2. buildings infrastructure etc 3. people (playing golf, driving car, shopping, eating perhaps, flying airplane, hot air baloon etc) 4. Logos of Restaurants, Hotels etc...

File 1: exit7map wednesday, 04 january 2012 18:39:541
File 2: washingtondc tuesday, 10 january 2012 19:45:234
File 3: sscolor tuesday, 10 january 2012 19:45:233
File 4: map-example01 thursday, 12 january 2012 16:21:1610
File 5: map-example04 thursday, 12 january 2012 16:21:1613
File 6: map-example02 thursday, 12 january 2012 16:21:1611
File 7: leocolor tuesday, 10 january 2012 19:45:232
File 8: yahoo-map-labeled tuesday, 10 january 2012 19:47:146
File 9: map-example03 thursday, 12 january 2012 16:21:1612
File 10: yahoo-map-02-buildings-marked thursday, 12 january 2012 16:26:1515
File 11: yahoo-map01b tuesday, 10 january 2012 19:47:148
File 12: yahoo-map05-closer-label tuesday, 10 january 2012 19:47:147
File 13: yahoo-map-03-buildings-marked thursday, 12 january 2012 16:26:1516
File 14: example tuesday, 10 january 2012 19:51:139
File 15: google-earth-overview01 tuesday, 10 january 2012 19:45:235
File 16: yahoo-map-01-buildings-marked thursday, 12 january 2012 16:26:1514

Expected Quote Range
$100 to $300
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