Logo Design Job: Logo design for an internet retailer selling new and used video games, movies, and music.

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Project PrepaidGuarenteed
Job Type
Logo Design
Industry / Entity Type
Internet / Website
Task Outline
  • Create a Logo Design
Task Description
We need a logo for an internet retail company that focuses on new and used video games, movies, & music. We'll be providing reviews, ratings, and news about the games being purchased. One of our differenciators is the ability to 'sell-back' a product. So, the concept of recycling would be interesting. We don't have a color scheme yet, so we'e open to ideas.
Logo Text
Replay Market
Logo Styles of Interest
Emblem Logo
Logo enclosed in a shape
Pictorial / Combination Logo
A real-world object (optional text)
Thursday, December 31, 2009
Target Market(s)
Adult video gamers 25+. Our site is not meant to be a teen hang out, but a place for gamers who want to do more than just buy. We'll keep links to mod sites, reviews, etc.
Must Have:
- Must contain the full company name ''Replay Market''. Must be a recognizable logo even if the company name wasn''t visible (think Best Buy, Target, Circuit City).

Nice to Have:
- Recycling theme, although it shouldn''t be blatant. Different color schemes would be interesting to see.

Should Not Have:
- No fancy script for the lettering.

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