Web Design Job: Create one site from 2 current sites

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$500 to $800
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Web Design (Uncoded - PSD layout only)
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  • Create a Web Design (Uncoded - PSD layout only)
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Update to summary below:
Our main goal as we go through this is 3 fold and below we give an overview of the many sites we have but ultimately I am looking to create one site and to get a better feel for this I need to clarify our mission/goals.

Our goal is to have Natural Pet Grocer as our store and will be the face of the business. The reason this is becomes clearer as I move along and hopefully will make sense to what I am trying to accomplish with this new site. 1) Natural Pet Grocer is a clean concept and explains what we offer: Natural Pet Products and services. 2) It is much like the Whole Foods concept in that we will have our own line of products Pawrific but also want to have great products by other companines. 3) We want to emphasis a local "old fashion" store like the old grocers of old before the era of supermarkets. Creating a community and also building on our 4) Delivery Service which is old fashion and based on the "Milk Man" Concept of old but for dogs and pet owners.

So hopefully this helps get the point across and if you are up to the task, this will be a great future ahead.
Thank you.

Summary:We have two sites that we would like to combine the best features of both into one. We have www.pawrificexpress.com and naturalpetgrocer.com We are looking to have a wordpress format so it can be easily updated and not become a static site over time. The key is to have a site that ultimately is our brand www.pawrific.com utilizing the name Pawrific. We like some of the features at pawrificexpress.com but ultimately need to keep it simple and clean with a call to action. The naturalpetgrocer.com is our store that we will grow over time. We will be focusing on building our local brand service of Free Home Pet Food Delivery and really like the concept and feel this can lead to online sells of our core Eco-friendly product line of natural and organic items for pets. Site must be able to be changed by us once created. Suggestions for hosting are welcomed as we currently use 2 different hosts for the two sites and have hostmonster in waiting were we have been experimenting with animal house word press theme by themeforest.

Email for more details but ultimately we are looking for someone who can run with the two sites and create a clean, fun, crisp site that is fully optimize (able to be) can intergrate with blogging to keep it updated and use some of the key features we have created in the two sites along with SEO.

Great challenge for us and hopefully not so much for the designers who we feel can do a great job with this.

I have a concept as an attachment but creativity is more than welcomed.
Deadline for Quote Submissions
Thursday, December 15, 2011
Must Have:
- Wordpress
Call To Action

Comments and Questions

So you are looking for someone to create a design, or are you looking for someone to create a design and then also install it on WordPress and manage the site?
By Deanna Anderson on Thursday, December 15, 2011 | Reply
Expected Quote Range
$500 to $800
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