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Illustration Design Job: Animation of business processes

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Illustration Design
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  • Create a Illustration Design
Task Description
We are looking for funky animation with automation of our business proposition.

We are looking for it to be fun, querky, a bit emotional and grabbing - to be used as part of our pitch

First Stage

The frustation of the small business owner (sbo) of today trying to get new business they are stuck in the store either to busy to find new customers or just dont know how to - frustrated with how fast technology is moving (a quick evolution of techonlogy phone telex to phone to now would be cool), not up to date with Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, myspace not knowing how to market online or offline - frustrated they approach group buying sites to get their offer out there, they have to massively discount their product, give up part of the remaining profit to hungry group buying company (show them savilating over profits) and then service the client, under resourced over subscribed the business cannot handle it and the consumer is pissed off

Being approached by interface online (io) make us out to be saviour (robin hood of modern times) - look at our website for logo, design etc etc to offer then the solution for only $10/month to get online, exclusive club of only 12 listings in their category and they get 12 secrets to grow their business - Review, Engagement, Loyalty, Advertising, Training, Integration, Optimisation, Networking, Sharing, Hosting, Implementation, Profit and service - all of these words coming into the screen shot as the io figure is talking and then taking the first letter of each one comes out which spells - Relationship - culminating in "get started with io for only $10/month io business community = relationships"

Show io rep & business owner shaking hands

Show the business owner regsitering with io simple to use online process, listing their business by choosing the category they are in, building their coupons (offer is at their descretion built around fuel discount offer i.e. 2c or 4c a litre spend $30 - not group buying offer), building their community (in our hub pages - please request if needed) and sharing with friends, family & colleagues - inviting other businesses that they trust to link up with their community on io and share contacts.

NOTE: When shared with contacts it will automatically share with Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin etc etc to magnify reach - massive draw card for only $10/month highlight each facebook person having 130 contacts so share it with 10 people get 1300 views

Contacts search io find coupons they like and transact with the shop owner (option 1) i.e. online


The transaction is done using the io app to scan the offer using qr code reader and using their io loyalty card to pay for the deal, get their fuel discount offer in the ewallet - make multiple transactions with multiple merchants and redeeming their fuel offer at partipating petrol station (i.e. Matilda Redcliffe) of up to 20c per litre off using their io loyalty card - option 2, i.e. mobile

Final shot showing the business owner enjoying the fruits of their labor whilst someone else is running their shop and the happy shopper driving off with discount fuel

Second Stage

Frustration of consumer looking for value in the community, getting bombarded with daily coupon on deals that are not relevant to them, enticing them to engage on group buying sites buying an offer but then not being able to get into the business for three months because they are too busy to service them and the offer expires.

Frustrated user looking for solution finds io online - registers find coupons of their choice, goes into the shop, gets the services they want and are extremely happy

Other option is a user of the site walking past a store - seeing our logo with qr code in window of shop, scanning with their io app going into store and transacting using their io loyalty card and getting value into the ewallet for discount fuel.

NOTE: When coupons are shared through io phone app it will give the user the option to share automatically through social networks, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc magnifying reach

The user & shop owner are both ecstatic

The user goes back to our community hub (please request page to be sent if needed) through their io app and shares the experience with their friends and links coupon to their preferred shopping centre within their community for future reference - their freinds like them and think they are sytlish or cool and through the recommendation also join io - download coupon and transact with shop owner

The user & shop owner are both ecstatic

The user continues to transact with multiple merchants using the discount fuel offer and collects value up to 20 c or more per litre, goes to local petrol station (matilda redcliffe) and redeems discount using io loyalty card.

Third stage - affiliate referral

IO rewards the users/businesses for referring businesses that join the directory (i.e. businesses that list for $10/month) by giving them affiliate income for the life of the client (as long as they keep paying $10/month) which they accumulate and can over time get FREE FUEL

Again functions of community - rave, events, Local, addictive, trust, instant (mobility), original, network, share, honesty, infectious, pleasure, social

Show user sharing their experience with friends saying the above words, again taking first letter of each word and spelling io user community = relationships

Again show people talking about and sharing connection with io - connected, organised, mobility, money (i.e. make for business, save it for user), unique, networked, integrity, transparency, yours

Taking all the first letters and spelling COMMUNITY

Interface Online - Creating & Linking Communities through Loyalty
Tuesday, January 10, 2012
  • Project Deadline Extended
    Added Wednesday, January 04, 2012
Target Market(s)
Any user looking for value + Business looking for new clients
Look and Feel
Each slider illustrates characteristics of the customer's brand and the style your design should communicate.

Must Have:
- Automation - voice over describing the offers and situation that is being automated - value proposition of company, services, outcomes, sharing etc etc

Comments and Questions
I have a designer interested in all of our projects but i do not know how to send all the briefs and uploaded files ....can they not see them on our projects that we have posted?
By Project Owner on Wednesday, December 7, 2011 | Reply
Copy and paste in an email my friend :) Good luck
By Central Design on Sunday, December 11, 2011 | Reply

Thanks for your invite.

I truly appreciate you considering me to do your animation, and i can get that done for you. Could you raise the price to $300 please, because this level of interaction takes quite a bit of time, and considering that Design Crowd takes %15 off of what you're paying the designer i.e. %15 off of your $120 plus PayPal fees, government fees, bank fees etc. Your response and consideration would be much appreciated, Thanks you kindly in advance.
By Humble Gallery on Wednesday, January 4, 2012 | Reply
Will do - upgrading the budget now
Thanks for your reply
By Project Owner on Thursday, January 5, 2012 | Reply


Budget is now 300.00 - please can you give me a brief on what you think we need done so we are both clear on the project details.

Many thanks

By Project Owner on Thursday, January 5, 2012 | Reply

Thanks for upgrading the project. I think in order to get the project done smoothly a couple of things may be necessary. Firstly, please confirm whether you need the designer to also produce the voiceover. If so, can you supply a script?

Secondly, can you give some design clues? I have a couple of "looks" that I'm considering for this animation. One is a little quirky as you say. If you can email me or provide an email address we can discuss the styles I have in mind. Because these animations are so time consuming, it is very important to know that I am building this in the way that you want, the first time.

I can be reached at


By Humble Gallery on Friday, January 6, 2012 | Reply
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