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I'd like to get a logo & business cards designed for a new company. The comany name is sixone pty ltd (read: 61)
61 is the international dialling code for australia. I will be marketing our products & services as uniquely australian & this element could be drawn into the logo/colour scheme but I dont want this to be the driving influence.
the logo/branding needs to indicate simplicity/old world reliability/heritage/class while still appealing to a broad, modern demographic as various subsidiaries will market to a wide range of customer bioth in aus & internationally.
I also like retro designs and have uploaded a few typefaces/styles that appeal. Racing numbers, retro styled badges etc have a nostalgic appeal.
I invisage an icon with "sixone pty ltd" incorporated or below an abstract icon. There may even be a play on the letters in sixone, using the X or the O. i'd leave that to the creatives.
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sixone pty ltd
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Thursday, December 15, 2011
  • i think a bit more definition of the type of logo im after may help:

    Established, proud, bold, heritage, retro, military, nascar/racing numbers/scripts/fonts

    Old World reliability (standard oil etc. Logos of companys with 50yr plus heritage)

    Added Monday, December 12, 2011
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business to business
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Nice to Have:
- the numbers 61 should make up the main icon/logo
icon that can be used in various configurations
abstract logo with optional text: sixone pty ltd underneath or incorporated into the logo
3 or 4 options for the icon

File 1: ^! logo concept_boardies monday, 05 december 2011 05:35:132
File 2: 61_logo.jpg monday, 05 december 2011 05:35:131
File 3: 61_logo3 monday, 05 december 2011 05:35:134
File 4: 61_logo4 monday, 05 december 2011 05:35:133
File 5: 61_logo2 monday, 05 december 2011 05:35:555

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