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Job Type
Packaging Design
Industry / Entity Type
Food / Snacks
Task Outline
  • Create a Packaging Design
Task Description
I need a sticker designed that is 60mm wide x 140mm long to fit on a meat tray destined for the supermarket. The company logo must be prominant, we supply premium quality meat and the label needs to reflect this and be intstantly recognisable in a supermarket display case. The tray will be black with a clear plastic top and meat packed inside.
Monday, November 16, 2009
Target Market(s)
Affluent people who shop for premium quality meat and are not price conscious.
Must Have:
- Premium quality appeal and instantly recognisable label in the supermarket cabinet.
Company logo (attached)
Address and contact numbers
9 Alex Ave Moorabbin 3189
Ph: 9553-7129
Fax: 9553-7192
website address -

Nice to Have:
- Visit our website for some inspiration -
Scenery shot or rural setting that provides a feel that the product is from a natural environment?
Farmyard / post and rail fence etc ???

Should Not Have:
- Close up of animals as people don''t like to relate to animals and meat. Long shots (in the distance are OK).
File 1: supporting file 11

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