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The company (my company) is Flawless Contour, LLC.
I specialize in Paramedical and Cosmetic Permanent Make Up and Dermal Needling (Skin Needling).
*Cosmetic Make Up (tattooing) is great for vanity reasons (always be beautiful) - people on the go, sports/swimming, etc. or for people with allergies to traditional make up or with hand dexterity problems, etc. Tattooing is used for scar camouflage (including burns) as well as Areola repigmentation after breast reconstruction surgery.
*Skin Needling (face and body) is used to improve skin tone and texture, reduce/help diminish fine and deep lines/wrinkles, reduce scars (including acne scars), cellulite, stretch marks and can take take ~years~ off of a person's overall appearance without surgery or downtime.

*My colors are (jewel tones) vibrant/deep blue, vibrant Amethyst/purple and a splash/hint/fleck/speckling/touch of deep emerald green and/or teal/aqua. Will attach color samples.

*I would prefer the logo be (or contain) my company INITIALS (FC or even my name TT) but I'm not married to the idea. My tagline is: "Natural beauty is an art"
*I would prefer to stay away from an eyeball or lips as most tattoo/beauty companies do this and I'd like to try to separate myself a little. I would like to explore/highlight the medical side of my business and the 'body treatment' side of my business. Needling for stretch marks, sun spots (melanocyte restoration) and cellulite reduction all lend themselves to my company name ... FLAWLESS CONTOUR. For companies specializing in procedures like this (cosmetic surgeons, laser centers, etc.), I typically see a silhouette of a woman's hourglass figure on their marketing materials ... so I'd shy away from this as well :) but ... ya never know!

*Company is based in Annapolis, MD
*Can give additonal time if needed but I'm trying to get up and running very quickly.

Please let me know if you need more info.
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Flawless Contour or FC "Can contain, "Natural beauty is an art." Please see above!
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Monday, November 21, 2011
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W25-60 secondary M35-65
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Pls extend the time for my submission.
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