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Logo Design
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  • Create a Logo Design
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This logo will be the primary brand identification for a new consulting firm that will focus on three distinct areas: 1. Sales and Marketing for General Construction Firms for large-scale projects. 2. Wood flooring contracts. 3. Sales, Consulting and Design of solar water heating and other green energy products.

We expect to be a resource for a range of builders and developers from those who are just starting to move the dirt on a job site to those who are looking to upgrade/retrofit their existing properties.

This firm will be based in New York City with satellite offices in Beijing, China.
Logo Text
WYN Associates
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Tuesday, November 10, 2009
Target Market(s)
• Builders (large- and medium-sized)
• Management companies
• Educational institutions
• Commercial and warehouse space owners

Must Have:
- • Sophisticated typography with a eye towards the clever
• Color but you can decide what you''d like it to be. Let your imagination be your limit.
• A well thought out use of the typefaces as they relate to each other
• We are open to anything really but want this to be smart, direct, contemporary and effective.

Nice to Have:
- • An identifying dingbat-type thing that will allow us to expand to future collateral and overall corporate identity.
• Vertical and horizontal treatment

Should Not Have:
- • Clunky, ugly use of type.
• Nothing hackneyed or old-style in feeling.
• Staid feeling

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