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Hi folks,

I have a couple of tattoos on my upper left arm that I want to complete. Starting from mid bicep, there are two dissimilar parallel lines, about 6 inches long, running horizontally. I would really like these to become a bit tribal and work their way up my arm, finishing up near the shoulder. Above these lines, I have a goddess figurehead that sits central, then above that I have a Sanskrit word close to me shoulder tip.

In a nutshell, I'm looking for the two parallel lines to work their way up my arm from either end and culminate near the Sanskrit word.

I'll upload an image set later to show exactly what I am after - I think that will be far easier.

Deadline for Quote Submissions
Tuesday, November 15, 2011
Must Have:
- An extension of that set of parallel lines, which I would like to turn into a tribal tattoo that winds itself up my arm....see last image.

File 1: side thursday, 10 november 2011 00:49:261
File 2: front thursday, 10 november 2011 00:49:263
File 3: wanted thursday, 10 november 2011 01:02:454
File 4: back thursday, 10 november 2011 00:49:262

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